Hugo Boss Beauty: Perfume, Bottled, Success & Chris Hemsworth

Hugo Boss Beauty – The products of the German fashion designer Hugo Boss are popular with everyone – woman or man. He not only makes elegant fashion but also jewellery, bags and fragrances. Be it the common man, influencers, supermodels or celebrities, everyone knows it and loves it. Especially the perfumes and watches for men and women are appreciated by many and are top sellers of the brand. Back to care products and back to the beauty guide.

The hit among the ladies

Wearers of this fragrance very often get compliments for their smell. For both women and men, the “Hugo Boss Bottled intense perfume” is one of the most popular men’s fragrances. Women are especially enthusiastic about this fragrance on men. The fragrance is described as sexy and fresh. Most women find the fragrance pleasant and masculine without being intrusive, which makes it an attractive effect on the opposite sex.

Perfume for a successful life

Successful actor Chris Hemsworth is the face of the “Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Parfum” campaign. The newest member of the fragrance family is created for every man who goes his own way to success. The fragrance consists of a new and intense composition. This was created by the banished master perfume maker Honorine Blanc. Here she combines spicy and woody notes including vetiver, cardamom and nutmeg to invigorate the senses. So if you’re a model looking for a new perfume that will make you look confident and successful, this is perfect for you.

From woman to woman

French perfumer Annick Menardo created the “Hugo Boss Alive” fragrance for women. It is designed to give women passion, pure joie de vivre and a feeling of security. This fragrance with the seductive top notes of apple, blackberry alongside Madagascar vanilla and jasmine sambac, with a base of cedarwood and sandalwood provides warmth and strength. In this commercial, Emma Roberts, Bruna Marquezine, Laura Harrier and Chloe Bennet embody strong, free and happy women. Because this feeling triggers the wearing of this fragrance with you!

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