Blush: Natural cosmetics, recipes & beauty labels

Blush – Save money, choose your color, protect your skin and do something good for the environment. How do you do it? Use natural cosmetics! Here we show you beauty brands that make organic blushes as well as recipes and DIYs on how to make your own cream blush with as little as 3 ingredients. Also, special tips: Organic cleansing balm brands and lip tint recipes. More organic make up products like concealer, foundation, blush and bronzer here. Back to natural cosmetics and back to the beauty guide.

Organic Cream Blush homemade

Are you passionate about using natural cosmetics to protect your skin and the environment? Then we have some great tips for you on how to make your own blushes. Here’s how:

  • Watch video
  • 2 Get ingredients
  • Mixing
  • Makeup

DIY: Cream Blush with only 3 ingredients

You have an important meeting and notice that your blush is empty? But there’s not enough time to go to the nearest drugstore and get a new one that flatters your skin tone. What to do? With these 3 ingredients, you can quickly and easily make your own natural Cream Blush for your own shade and consistency. Check out the recipe and more in this video:

  • Unrefined African shea butter
  • BetterBody Foods Organic Cocoa Powder
  • Slice of the Moon: Peachblow Pink Mica Powder
  • Empty tins with sliding lid for lip balm
  • Best Organic Makeup Brands
  • Organic Cleansing Balm Brands
  • Organic Cleansing Balm DIY Recipe
  • Mommypotamus DIY Cream Blush
  • Lip tint recipes

Top 5 organic blushes to buy

Here you will be shown high quality and affordable blushes made from natural fabrics that have super beautiful shades to boot:

  • Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush in Pink
  • Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Blush in Freja
  • Found Blush in Pink Glow
  • Rituel De Fille Cream Blush In Love Sore
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff

Skincare tips: Foundation and more

More natural cosmetics! Here’s more on the topic of organic makeup. Products, recipes and DIYs and how to make your own concealer, for example, here. Also: The care guide for men.

Foundation: Natural Cosmetics & DIY,

Say no to conventional cosmetics! There is already a wide market of natural cosmetics. Why? Unlike the usual drugstore products, many new brands avoid harmful ingredients for your skin. Find out which natural cosmetic foundations are the most popular here. We’ll also show you how to make foundation, bronzer and blush that are kinder to people and the environment, using more “natural” raw materials.

Concealer: Natural Cosmetics & Products

You’ve been looking for a high-quality and affordable natural cosmetic concealer for a while? It should cover your dark circles, support you in everyday life and be gentle on your skin. We introduce you to inexpensive organic concealers. Inexpensive, skin-friendly and extremely covering. Find your new favorite concealer.

Men’s care: facial care, beard care and more

Men should also care for themselves regularly and do something good for their own body. From facial care, how you should properly care for your face, about the perfect beard care, hair and body care you will find in the men’s care guide everything a man needs. The right fragrance for men is also an important aspect in terms of appearance. We give you only grooming tips that you really need, without keeping you long. Here are the most important care tips in a nutshell for you!

Natural cosmetics: Foundation and more

Here you come back to the natural cosmetics overview.