Natural cosmetics: foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer and more

Natural cosmetics – You have sensitive skin, but still don’t want to do without make-up? Avoid ingredients like polyethylene glycol, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, paraffins and other petroleum products. Do something good for your skin and the environment. Dive into the world of natural cosmetics and try out natural make-up! Recipes for foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer and mascara. We show you how to make your own natural make-up at home that perfectly suits your skin. We also introduce you to labels that sell natural cosmetics with natural ingredients that are healthy for your skin.

Is your go-to beauty brand testing on animals? You can change that! Find your new favorite beauty label that’s not only good to you, but also to animals. We introduce you to 4 popular animal-free beauty brands.

Foundation: Natural Cosmetics, Products & DIY

Say no to conventional cosmetics! There is already a wide market of natural cosmetics. Why? Unlike the usual drugstore products, many new brands avoid harmful ingredients for your skin. Find out which natural cosmetic foundations are the most popular here. We’ll also show you how to make foundation, bronzer and blush that are kinder to people and the environment, using more “natural” raw materials.

Bronzer: Natural Cosmetics, DIY & Bronzer Stick

Don’t ever buy a bronzer that’s bad for your face and doesn’t resemble your skin tone! We introduce you to cool beauty brands that make natural bronzers. Here you’ll also learn how to make your own bronzer from super few natural ingredients you’re sure to have at home. Also, the bronzer stick! Heard of it? It fits great in any purse for on-the-go makeup touch-ups. We’ll show you how to make one for yourself too.

Blush: Natural cosmetics, recipes & beauty labels

Save money, choose your color, protect your skin and do something good for the environment. How do you do it? Use natural cosmetics! Here we show you beauty brands that make organic blushes and recipes and DIYs on how to make your own cream blush with just 3 ingredients. Also, special tips: Organic cleansing balm brands and lip tint recipes.

Concealer: Natural Cosmetics, Products & Full-Coverage

You’ve been looking for a high-quality and affordable natural cosmetic concealer for a while? It should cover your dark circles, support you in everyday life and be gentle on your skin. We introduce you to inexpensive organic concealers. Inexpensive, skin-friendly and extremely covering. Find your new favorite concealer.

Mascara: natural cosmetics, test & DIY

Before you started applying mascara, were your lashes longer? That’s because traditional mascaras have chemical ingredients that cause your lashes to break and fall out easily. We’ll show you a better, healthier, and cheaper natural cosmetic alternative to boot – organic mascara made solely from natural ingredients. Product recommendations, mascaras in live test and DIYs to do yourself, here.

4 animal-free beauty labels: Drunk Elephant, Ilia & IGK Hair

Animal-Free Beauty Labels – Finding trustworthy brands when it comes to animal-free and eco-friendly brands is not that easy and often frustrating and time-consuming. We make it easy for you and introduce you to beauty labels that don’t test their cosmetics on animals and only use natural ingredients that are good for your sensitive skin and hair.

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Men should also care for themselves regularly and do something good for their own body. From facial care, how you should properly care for your face, to the perfect beard care, hair and body care, you will find in the men’s care guide everything a man needs. The right fragrance for men is also an important aspect in terms of appearance. We give you only grooming tips that you really need, without keeping you long. Here are the most important care tips in a nutshell for you!

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