4 animal-free beauty labels: Drunk Elephant, Ilia & IGK Hair

Animal-Free Beauty Labels – Finding trustworthy brands when it comes to animal-free and eco-friendly brands is not that easy and often frustrating and time-consuming. We make it easy for you and introduce you to beauty labels that don’t test on animals and use only natural ingredients that are good for your sensitive skin, face and hair. You can have it all and more! High quality makeup, hair products that naturally restore shine to your hair and even nail polish without toxic ingredients. Back to natural cosmetics and back to the beauty guide.

Drunk Elephant: Only the best for your skin

The motto of the cult brand for animal-free cosmetics, Drunk Elephant is simple: skincare products with a no-nonsense approach that focus on effective, clinically sound and exclusively natural ingredients. Drunk Elephant’s best seller is the A-Passioni Retinol Cream. Check out the products for yourself!

  • No essential oils
  • No dry alcohols,
  • No silicones
  • No chemical sunscreens
  • No fragrances/dyes and SLS surfactants

Everyone loves Ilia: why the hype?

Ilia’s goal: to combine sustainability and functionality in the products. Especially customers with sensitive skin swear by Ilia’s products. The brand’s Limitless Lash Mascara is also very popular.

  • Green ingredients
  • Long lasting shades
  • Responsible production

IGK Hair: Save your hair

Salon-like results, and that’s with animal-test-free and sulfate-free hair masks, dry shampoos, hair sprays and more hair products. Finally, find natural hair styling products from a trusted beauty label. In the video: How to repair your hair naturally!

Butter London: Classic Red

Even with nail care you can do something good for the environment. The “Smashing! Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer” in a classic, bold red is the favorite in terms of nail polish in the category: good quality, natural and animal-free brand. Nail care without toxic ingredients. That’s Butter London!

Grooming tips: Mascara and more

More natural cosmetics! Here is more on the subject of organic make up. Products, recipes and special tips like volumizing mascaras, here. Also: The care guide for men, for example facial care.

Mascara: Natural cosmetics & DIY

Before you started applying mascara, were your lashes longer? That’s because traditional mascaras have chemical ingredients that cause your lashes to break and fall out easily. We’ll show you a better, healthier, and cheaper natural cosmetic alternative to boot – organic mascara made solely from natural ingredients. Product recommendations, mascaras in live test and DIYs to do yourself, here.

Face care: Daily care & tips

Men need a daily beauty routine too! Quickly some water in the face and ready? No way! If you’re going to go to the trouble, it’s best to use a facial cleanser that also thoroughly cleanses your pores. Also, you can’t use just any cleanser on your face because your skin is sensitive. If clear skin is important to you, also make sure not to set the water too hot – this dries out the skin. Moisturiser, aftershave lotion or exfoliator: here are some helpful videos for men to care for and protect their skin according to their individual needs.

Men’s care: facial care, beard care and more

Men should also care for themselves regularly and do something good for their own body. From facial care, how you should properly care for your face, about the perfect beard care, hair and body care you will find in the men’s care guide everything a man needs. The right fragrance for men is also an important aspect in terms of appearance. We give you only grooming tips that you really need, without keeping you long. Here are the most important care tips in a nutshell for you!

Natural cosmetics: foundation, bronzer and more

Here you come back to the natural cosmetics overview.