Tod’s: shoes, bags and fashion – the first steps of the luxury brand

The Italian luxury brand Tod’s has been inspiring customers with exclusive shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing for women, men and children since 1980. The brand is characterized by the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The exclusive models are made by hand and the knowledge has been passed on for several generations. Meanwhile Tod’s offers not only traditional leather goods in the form of shoes and bags, but also fashion and accessories for women, men and children. With its traditional manufacturing and Italian charm, the brand has made a name for itself in the fashion market worldwide. Get a glimpse of the collections under Creative Designer Walter Chiapponi here: Tod’s

Tod’s: history of the generational company and designer

The Tod’s brand is a generational company whose knowledge has been passed down over decades. Since its foundation, the brand has remained true to its philosophy: the perfect combination of tradition, modernity, excellent quality and creative spirit are reflected in versatile products. In addition to craftsmanship, the company’s values also include ethical aspects: The brand is committed to projects that protect people, the environment and Italy’s cultural heritage.

History of the foundation to the world brand

The traditional company’s first step was taken by shoemaker Filippo Della Valle, who founded a small shoe factory in the Marche region of eastern Italy in 1990. With the takeover of the label by his son Dorino Della Valle, Tod’s expanded beyond the borders of Italy to North America. Current chairman Diego Della Valle brought the family business to international prominence in the late 1970s, when it was still known as JP Tod’s. In the late 1980s, Diego Della Valle shortened the name to Tod’s.

In the meantime, the Tod’s Group has introduced further brands into production and expanded through acquisition. Thus, the Tod’s Group includes the renowned labels Tod’s, Roger Vivier, Hogan and Fay. The renowned brands reflect the mindset and mission of the company.

The founding history at a glance:

  • 1900: Foundation by Filippo Della Valle
  • 1970: Takeover of the family business JP Tod’s by Diego Della Valle
  • 1983: Launch of the Tod’s brand name
  • 1985: Introduction and acquisition of Hogan
  • 1989: Introduction and acquisition ofFay
  • 1998: Opening of the headquarter in Sant’Elpidio a Mare
  • 2003: Introduction and acquisition of Roger Vivier
  • 2019: Appointment of Creative Director Walter Chiapponi

Creative Designer Walter Chiapponi

In 2019, Tod’s appoints Walter Chiapponi as its new creative director and launches the new women’s and men’s Summer/Winter collection. The designer makes a point of designing clothes for everyday wear, as he wants to create clothes for people who have fun wearing them and pass that feeling on to the outside world. This mantra is reflected in the collections: the summer campaign is called “Under the Italian Sun” and aims to embody the aesthetics and lightness of an Italian summer with its refined and elegant cuts.

Women’s shoes: Gommini moccasins, loafers, ankle boots

The right shoe always rounds off the outfit. That’s why Tod’s offers a wide range of elegant women’s shoes that suit every occasion.

Cult shoe: Gommini moccasins

The Tod’s brand is best known for its Gommino moccasins. The sole of the shoe consists of significant rubber studs that are inspired by motorsport. Over time, the classic leather moccasin has evolved into different models in different colors, patterns, and materials. Current trends, such as the houndstooth pattern or street-style shoes with graffiti have been taken up and combined with the iconic shoe.

The shoe is made even more unique by the exclusive “My Gommino” service, which customizes the shoes to the wishes of the customer: This can be done from a wide range of leathers, materials, colors and details.

Loafers: All-rounder & classic

Loafers are a classic from Tod’s repertoire. The elegant shoe with a minimalist heel will rival the classic pump and can be styled chicly with any outfit. Tod’s offers a multi-faceted selection of loafers – from solid colours to animal print and rhinestone embellishments. The shoe is also a real all-rounder: on cold days chunky masculine versions with thick soles keep feet warm and are a great style break to a feminine outfit.

Ankle boots: Elegant & warm for the winter

Whether high or low heel, casual or elegant – ankle boots are a chic companion that protects against cold feet in winter weather and looks elegant at the same time. Tod’s models are not only special because of their high quality, but also because of their heels: In the new collection there are slightly beveled heels or ones that taper down to a point. This makes every appearance an eye-catcher.

Fashion: “momenT” – Special moments with Tod’s

The winter collection 2020 “momenT” impresses with classic, timeless pieces that become lively with eye-catching accessories. The bags in the shape of a half moon or the striking shoes in bright colours are the eye-catchers of every outfit. The elegant Puffer Jackets coats dress perfectly in the cold season.

Bags: Futuristic bags made of high-quality smooth leather

The brand is especially known for its high-quality bags made of smooth leather. All models feature a futuristic design that can be worn timelessly.

Tote bags: Versatile companions

The popular tote bags are known for their short handles that allow them to be worn on the wrist or forearm. Tod’s futuristic shapes make the bags a versatile companion for business and leisure. The Tod’s logo is almost inconspicuously stamped on the front.

Shoulder bags: Uncomplicated and practical

Tod’s timeless shoulder bags are designed in an uncomplicated trapeze shape. The front is decorated with the iconic golden metal pendant made of a “T”. In addition to the look, the shoulder bags also convince in practice: The bag is not carried in the hand, but hung over the shoulder – this is not only practical, but elegant and casual at the same time.

Classy handbag: Holly bag

The “Holly bag” is a noble handbag with two handles and detachable shoulder strap. The eye-catcher of the bag is the trapezoid shape with sharp edges. Due to the unusual shape, the colors of the bag are simple and predominantly in beige and brown tones.

Men: Sporty shoes and urban styles

Whether sporty sneakers or warm boots in street style. Tod’s offers a wide range of different shoes.

Shoes: Gommini, Desert Boots

A new sneaker campaign called “No_Code X” brings sporty elegance to Tod’s shoe repertoire. The models are made of high-quality leather and high-tech fabric and offer comfortable wear. On the outsole there are elements with the iconic rubber studs. So far, the sneakers are available in four colors.

Desert Boots: Robust companion

The name “Desert Boots” seems to be a contradiction, just like the design of the shoes: Tod’s describes the shoes as robust with military references for an urban-casual style. The soles are solid and feature the iconic rubber notes on the heel. The material is made of premium velvet suede for a look that is both elegant and savage. The boots cause a special attraction and dress perfectly for business and leisure.

Junior Gommino Loafer: The classic in mini

Tod’s has released its signature Gommino loafers in cute styles for kids. The models range from size 16-35 and thus dress babies, toddlers and teenagers. The loafers come in a variety of fresh colors, such as yellow, blue or pink.

Collaboration: Tod’s for Ferrari

Two Italian brands of the highest class have joined forces to design exclusive shoes in an impressive style. The collaboration consists of the distinctive Gommino moccasin, which is designed in the typical Ferrari colours blue, red and black, as well as sporty elegant sneakers in two colours. The shoes feature Tod’s rubber nub soles and Ferrari’s rising horse.

Made by Humans: exclusive insights

With the project “Made by Humans” Tod’s shows their company history and philosophy from the most human side. Photographer Jonas Unger portrays this art, craftsmanship and creativity and provides exclusive insights into Tod’s Factory. The photo series was shot in the Marche region and enchants with Italian charm.

Tod’s for Colosseum: Italian Pride

The Italian brand is a proud supporter of the restoration of the Colosseum in Rome. Founder Diego Della Valle talks about the project as a matter of the heart, because the Colosseum is a national symbol of Italy around the world and the restoration is a way to communicate the support of the Italian cultural heritage to the outside world.

The traditional company in short

The Italian luxury brand Tod’s is a traditional company, founded in 1900 by Filippo Della Valle, which passes its knowledge from generation to generation. The brand offers exclusive shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing for women, men and children that stand out for their high quality and craftsmanship.

In addition to design, Tod’s is also involved in cultural projects, such as the restoration of the Colosseum in Rome, or preserves the humane and ethical way of working in the company itself.

Tod’s Videos: Bags, shoes and the new eyewear collection

The Italian fashion brand Tod’s has been inspiring customers with exclusive shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing for women, men and children since 1983. The brand is characterized by the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The exclusive models are handmade and the knowledge is passed on for several generations. Learn more about the craftsmanship here:

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