Salvatore Ferragamo: Italian Luxury Brand, History & Designer

Salvatore Ferragamo – The Neapolitan shoe designer began his international career in the 1920s with handmade custom shoes for great Hollywood divas like Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Film icon Audrey Hepburn made the label’s ballerinas world famous in the 1950s. And even today, the brand produces excellently crafted women’s and men’s shoes in a stylish and traditional design. Exclusive bags, leather accessories, luxury watches and fashionable clothing are also part of the range. In this article you will learn everything about the brand, from the history to the it-pieces.

History of the luxury label – High quality craftsmanship

The story of Salvatore Ferragamo begins in 1919 in California, with a small store for the repair and exploration of shoes. The small store very soon becomes a meeting place of the female star system of Hollywood. When Salvatore Ferragamo returned to Florence in 1927, his company was already world famous and was preparing to break into the world of Italian fashion. Ferragamo was the promoter of the first patent of fashion with the discovery of the carpet pad. Thus, Ferragamo opens stores in London and Rome, with modern marketing strategies. He entrusts himself to a futurist artist, for the advertising and continues with his companies also during the war, with the use of poor and innovative materials, such as raffia and cork. In the 60 years appear the first Total Look collections, the production of bags and the lines for men. Today Ferragamo is an international brand, with stores in the most important metropolises of the world.

History at a glance

Here you will find a short summary of the story:

  • 1938: Opening of the first directly operated “Salvatore Ferragamo” stores in Italy (Florence and Rome) and the United Kingdom (London).
  • 1948: Opening of the first directly operated store in the USA
  • 1965: Presentation of the first leather goods and ladies RTW collections
  • 1971: Development of the silk and accessories collection
  • 1975-80s: development of the shoe and men’s collection
  • 1986: Opening of the first directly operated store in Asia (Hong Kong), followed by Japan, China & South Korea
  • 1997: Foundation of Ferragamo Parfums, a joint project with Bulgari S.p.A. for the creation and distribution of fragrances
  • 1998: Start of business in the eyewear market
  • 2001: Acquisition of the entire shares of Bulgari S.p.A. in Ferragamo Parfums
  • 2006: Opening of the first directly operated store in India (Mumbai)
  • 2008: Launch of the watch line
  • 2009: Opening of the first flagship store in the Middle East (Dubai)
  • 2009: Launch of the new website with e-commerce in most EU countries and the USA
  • 2010: Opening of the first Ferragamo stores in Turkey (Istanbul), Qatar (Doha), Egypt (Cairo) and South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • 2011: IPO on the Milan Stock Exchange

Fashion show spring / summer 2022

Reunited, driven by joy and purpose. In Spring/Summer 2022, Salvatore Ferragamo reunites with its fashion audience after a 12-month hiatus. During this time we have looked positively to the future and the past with perspective.

Italian luxury shoes

The label is known for its emphasis on exclusive materials and unique design. Ferragamo is also considered the inventor of the toe-free sandal and wedge heel. Unusual materials are often used to manufacture the shoes. Plastic, nylon, brocade, tapestry embroidery, tree bark, cork and bird feathers are used to create stylish and high-quality shoes.

Varina ballerina

The refined simplicity of the ballerinas in glamour version. The patent leather in the shade of red allows the combination with elegant looks as well as with rock day outfits. For a perfect styling.

Noble fragrances from Italy

Today, it is impossible to imagine the world of fragrances without the house of Salvatore Ferragamo and it regularly enriches the market with its perfume creations. The fragrances are like the pair of favorite shoes that each of us owns because it fits so excellently. The special quality of Ferragamo’s “must haves” is also due to the tradition of craftsmanship “Made in Italy” preserved from the founding years.

Signorina fragrance – For the stylish woman

Signorina Eau de Parfum is the perfect fragrance signature for the stylish young woman: refined, fresh, a little sassy and completely in the style of the Italian house Salvatore Ferragamo. The fragrance is inspired by Ferragamo’s strong connection to trendy, feminine, young women and highlights their creative, modern and bold side.

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Balenciaga: shoes, bag, sweater and hoodie

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Off-White: brand, designer, history & street style

For the London-based label Off White, creative director Virgil Abloh created stylish models with a high-fashion touch. The creations, a successful mix of Japanese-inspired designs and graphic motifs, symbolize the new order in fashion. Find out more about Off-White by clicking on the link below.

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