Tod’s Videos: Bags, shoes and the new eyewear collection

The Italian fashion brand Tod’s has been inspiring customers with exclusive shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing for women, men and children since 1983. The brand is characterized by the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The exclusive models are handmade and the knowledge is passed on for several generations. You can learn more about the craftsmanship in the interviews. You can read the stories from the first traditional shoe to the luxury brand here: Tod’s

Tod’s: The Shirt Bag Circle

The Tod’s brand is especially known for its exclusive bags. The new handbag “The Shirt Bag Circle” impresses with the timeless elegance and can be worn for any occasion. It represents the high-quality models made of fine leather, which are all handmade in the studio in Marche.

Fashion: Summer & Winter for Ladies

In his new collections, designer Walter Chiapponi focuses on classic, timeless designs that he characteristically combines with eye-catching bags and accessories. The focus is on large, moon-shaped bags that become the eye-catcher of the outfit.

Winter: Special moments with Tod’s

The new collection “momenT” captivates with classic, timeless pieces that become lively with eye-catching accessories. The bags in the shape of a half moon or the striking shoes in bright colours are the eye-catchers of every outfit. The elegant Puffer Jackets coats dress perfectly in the cold season.

Elegantly through the summer

Creative Director Walter Chiapponi takes you through the summer with elegant pieces. Khaki outerwear and comfortable shoes, such as the trendy summer shoe “the fisherman’s shoes”, accompany you through a day in nature. For the warm summer evenings the designer combines soft flowing fabrics in light colours with high quality leather accessories.

Fashion: Summer & Winter for men

Designer Walter Chiapponi combines extreme comfort with Italian chic. The menswear leads fashionably through the year and emphasizes the masculinity through refined cuts. The designer combines different fabrics and earthy colours.

Winter: Transition into the new season

Designer Walter Chiapponi takes you on a seven-day week with Tod’s in his new ‘sevenT’ winter collection. Wool, corduroy and leather meet neutral colors and subtle patterns that stand for the brand. Whether warm wool coats, loungewear or elegant outerwear, the collection leads fashionably through the cold season.

Summer: glamour under the Italian sun

Soft earth tones, masculine cuts and refined accessories. The new Men’s Collection 2022 “Under the Italian Sun” by Creative Director Walter Chiapponi evokes a day in Tuscany. The models embody the aesthetics and glamour of an Italian summer.

Modern Street Art & Classic Eyewear

The new eyewear collection, as well as the street art collections “Graffiti” show the elegance and freedom of the Tod’s brand. Whether classic sunglasses or peppy streetwear, the brand always inspires with new creative styles.

Street Wear X Street Art

The new collection was inspired by Italian street art. The casual prints give the sneakers, shoulder bags and T-shirt a new dynamic and bring new momentum to Tod’s looks. The collection is ideal for men and women who want to complete their outfit with a very special piece.

Italian Eyewear Collection

Just in time for summer, the new sunglasses collection for women and men appears. Whether mirrored or tinted lenses, the new models belong to every summer outfit. An ingenious technique allows the glasses to be folded small so that they fit into any clutch or mini-bag.

Tod’s x Caro Daur: Wardrobe Tour

Clutch, sunglasses or pumps? Caro’s wardrobe contains her favourite pieces, which she combines with her own personal style. In the video, the high fashion influencer takes us through her wardrobe and shows us her favourite Tod’s pieces.

Tod’s x Shooting Player Xiao Zhan

The Chinese actor Xiao Zhan represents the elegance and endlessness of Tod’s as the new ambassador. The cooperation represents the dynamism, but also diversity of the Italian label.

Craftsmanship: Made in Italy

Tod’s stands out for the high quality and craftsmanship of its shoes and bags. The production of an exclusive piece passes through the hands of several experienced artisans. In a series of portraits, photographer Jonas Unger presents the individual steps involved in making a leather accessory.

Tod’s: From the first steps to a luxury brand

The Italian luxury brand Tod’s has been inspiring customers with exclusive shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing for women, men and children since 1980. The brand is characterized by the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The exclusive models are made by hand and the knowledge has been passed on for several generations. Meanwhile Tod’s offers not only traditional leather goods in the form of shoes and bags, but also fashion and accessories for women, men and children. Through their traditional manufacturing of fashion pieces, Tod’s is synonymous with Italy’s lifestyle and high quality. You can read the whole article here:

Brands like Tod’s: Louis Vuitton and Burberry

Tod’s is especially known for their high-quality bags. Luxury fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry also produce premium accessories and clothing. Check out our articles about the brands.

Louis Vuitton: Bags, scarves & belts from Paris

Bags, shoes and belts stand out from other top luxury brands with their unique design. In 1854 the French craftsman Louis Vuitton became famous with his exclusive range of suitcases and luggage and today it is impossible to imagine the fashion market without it! With the perfect blend of style and quality, innovation is combined with luxury. Even today, after many years gone by, the creative impulse of the designer lives on and enriches the fashion universe with extravagant designs.

Burberry: Timeless trench coats & scarves

A brand that is hard to pass by. Whether fashion fan or not, the brand has been around for over 150 years and is well established. Whether scarf or coat, the classics of the British brand are very popular and that for women as well as men. And Burberry also shows that the whole sustainability! The brand no longer uses real fur and is a partner of the “Make Fashion Circular” initiative. Learn more about the luxury fashion brand and read our article!

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