Max Mara Videos: Fashion shows, interviews & commercials

Max Mara Videos – Is one of the largest women’s fashion manufacturers in Italy. Max Mara includes blouses, dresses, skirts, shirts, suits, pants, coats and sweaters, but also bags, shoes and accessories, so it is very extensive. Here you can read the unique collections, spectacular commercial and much more about Max Mara.

Summer & Winter Collections

Max Mara is a world made of sensual simplicity and layers of artful beauty. Season after season, Max Mara puts contemporary classics alongside new romantic styles with a twist, adorned with precious materials and intricate details.

Fall / Winter Collection: With the oversize fashion through the cold days

Max Mara autumn / winter collection – the oversize bomber jackets and “thornproof” jackets made of super soft alpaca with equally practical tool pockets. They are worn together with kilts, thick socks and sturdy shoes. Also, the immaculate suits in plaid tartan, graphic tartans, Aran knit sweaters in oversize fit, velvet patches and elegant organza jabots.

Spring / Summer: The Bad – Girl – Look on warm days

Max Mara Spring / Summer Collection – Made from ruffled canvas, impeccable poplin and denim, these styles feature precise contrast stitching. Tank tops and masculine sandals with chunky soles complete the bad-girl look. Chiffon, sometimes embroidered with delicate feathers, provides a counterpoint to workwear. The color palette ranges from sand to leather and from navy to black, with yellow and orange accents reminiscent of the sunny beachfront.

Interview: Behind the scenes

The behind the scenes interview in Berlin with model Nicky Hilton Rothschild, with actress Angela Basset, influencer Yoyo Cao and many more.

Short film: Winter campaign

The Max Mara woman has come a long way in the 70 years since she first became not only the inspiration for the collection, but also its raison d’être. From the home front to the highest office, the modern Max Mara woman is now a queen in her own right.

Commercial: Look!

This is LOOK! The new digital campaign to support the global launch of Marcolin’s first Max Mara eyewear collection.

Max Mara: The brand

Like Loewe, Chanel or Margiela, Max Mara also belongs to the modern classic of fashion. Even today, the brand stands for clear cuts, strict lines, the highest quality and fashionable reliability combined with new inspirations. All in all: understandable fashion paired with a dose of noble luxury. Asked about the reasons for its success, Maramotti had a clear recipe: high quality fabrics, flexibility through the development of new brands and lines, young employees, know-how, the mix of high-tech and traditional craftsmanship, taking customer requests seriously and the great creativity of the designs. In the following you can learn more about the origin and the different garments of the brand.