Prada – exciting campaigns, commercials and collections

Prada – an exclusive luxury brand that always convinces with new innovative and creative collections and is known worldwide with its products. But not only the fashion of Prada is unique, but also their fashion shows. These are always extraordinary, just like the phenomenal commercials and campaigns. There Prada presents its latest collections again and again in a surprising and unusual way. Check out the top videos of the fashion label here.

Prada – innovative designs & extravagant fashion

Prada was founded in Milan in 1913 as a leather goods store that mainly produced handbags and suitcases, and quickly became the official supplier of the Italian royal family. The brand was founded by the Italian designer Miuccia Prada. After international expansion in 1990, the brand then made its final breakthrough. Today, the luxury brand is one of the most exclusive labels in the world and is considered a top luxury brand, because Prada is characterized by innovation, transformation and independence. Today, the brand continues to be led by Miuccia Prada, who is known for her progressive designs.

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Sophisticated collections in exciting campaigns

Prada stands out above all for its sophisticated collections of stunning designs, high-quality fabrics and loving details. Prada collections are full of creativity and reinvention. Each collection evolves in line with modern trends, always staying true to the brand’s identity. With a relentless curiosity about the world, society and culture, the label is constantly incorporating new influences into its creations, constantly coming across new inspiration. The collections are not only presented at exclusive and exciting fashion shows, but also in witty and intriguing campaigns.

Elegant and feminine designs in dramatic presentation

Like the identity of women today, Prada’s identity is fluid, fluctuating and surprising, which is also reflected in the brand’s collections. Because Prada is at once complex and simple, singular yet multifaceted, just like its fashion and products.

Diverse collection with classic cuts in an impressive campaign

The Prada campaign for the men’s spring and summer collection demonstrates a time when offering a simplified definition of oneself seems to be a universal aspiration, but Prada enjoys portraying the opposite. The deliberate display of duality, diversity, constant reinvention and renewal is an essential element of the Prada brand and its particular identity.

Funny and imaginative commercials

With original and imaginative commercials, the brand Prada presents again and again their extraordinary fashion, beautiful models and stunning accessories. For this they get prominent personalities, such as actor Ben Kingsley or models like Gigi Hadid, who show the latest collections of the brand in an interesting way. Prada always impresses with quality and attention to detail through these viedos, because each commercial is as innovative and unique as Prada. So take a look at the Prada fashion and let yourself be enchanted by the videos.

Stylish high fashion in original performance

Prada presents a comedic short film called Therapy starring Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter, with which the brand proves that Prada’s fashion can be worn by everyone. The story is about a patient who enters a therapist’s office dressed head to toe in Prada design. She lies down on the couch and begins to talk about her problems, completely unaware of the therapist’s growing obsession with her fur coat.

A fabulous eyewear collection creatively presented

In the short film Cinema, Prada playfully presents the latest eyewear collection for the summer. The short film shows a simple story of a day at the movies, trying to capture the joys of going to the cinema with whimsical and surreal moments. Check out the full clip here.

Philosophical commercial with dreamlike images

Prada Cinéma Evolution is an ironic foray into the myriad facets of female identity. The label found inspiration here in the power of filmmaking. Here, Prada’s eyewear serves as a narrative device between reality and the perception of each, leaving open the question: “Are you the observer or the observed?”

Romantic floral patterns and innovative fashion

Prada’s new collection is the idea of simplicity as rebellion, the extraordinary in the ordinary, the new in the familiar – so here is a new perspective, a different take on the concept of fashion advertising itself. Check out the full clip here.

Inspiring and emotional campaigns

Not only in commercials, interviews and fashion shows Prada shows its stunning collections against an exciting background, but also in campaigns that present the fashion and accessories in a touching and appealing way. Through campaigns like Prada Coming Home or Best of Prada Mode Paris, the collections are highlighted and show how exclusive the Prada brand really is.

Elegant handbags as faithful companions

Prada’s short documentary Coming Home chronicles a traditional reunion to celebrate one of the most important holidays in China, with the family coming together to celebrate this time of year in the most memorable way. Prada shows off its latest handbag collection, which are portrayed as objects of unspoken love, expressing emotions in a subtle way.

Alexa Chung and Gigi Hadid as Prada’s advertising faces

The filming location here was the famous Maxim restaurant in Paris. All sorts of personalities are on hand to celebrate the latest collection with Prada in a traveling social club focused on contemporary culture. The experience was captured on tape here.

Unique glimpses behind the scenes

Although Prada does not need to prove its high quality, individuality and innovation, the luxury brand always remains transparent in the exchange with its customers and thus regularly uploads exclusive videos and interviews with exclusive insights behind the scenes.

Exclusive interview with artist Thomas Demand

In an interview by Prada with Thomas Demand, exclusive pictures by the artist are presented, which can now be found in the windows of stores worldwide. The focus is always on cherry blossom trees, which announce spring with their blossoms.

Unique insight into the high-quality and detailed production of a Prada handbag

The bags by Prada are made in high quality craftsmanship, from fine fabrics and with special details. In addition, each Prada bag is an individual piece and perfect for any occasion, because the feminine and elegant design of each bag is a real eye-catcher. Take a look at the unique manufacturing and the qualitative end result here.