Hermès Videos: Commercials, Fashion Show, Kelly Bag & Bestsellers

Hermès Videos – Top videos about the family business Hermès. Just like Michael Kors, Longchamp and Prada, the fashion brand is one of the most successful luxury fashion suppliers in the world. The most coveted products of the luxury brand are the Kelly Bag and the Birkin Bag. The two handbags have now achieved cult status. Stars like Kylie Jenner love to carry the designer’s popular handbags. The most interesting videos about the fashion label are presented to you here in this article.

Women fashion: summer & winter for ladies

The collections of the fashion brand are versatile despite the fact that they are always designed in the same style direction. The diversity can be seen in the following collections.

Winter clothes: fashion once around the world

In this show, which was divided into three acts, took place in New York, Paris and Shanghai. The models wore leather trim on the garments and leather clothing.


Summer collection: confident lines on the catwalk

Also in this show the models presented garments with, typical for Hermés, leather details in the form of lines. The collection was designed to be simple and subtle, as the focus is on the wearer. The clothes are meant to be portrayed as a powerful woman.

Men’s fashion: summer & winter for men

In Hermés collections, Hermés always finds new ways to use leather for the designs. Sometimes the garments are made entirely of leather and sometimes only small details are made of leather.

Winter clothes: collection for every man

This men’s collection reflects everything Hermés stands for: elegance, maturity and decency. The clothes are all kept simple, so that these are suitable for everyday life and can be worn on any occasion. Through the collection, a well-groomed appearance is guaranteed.

Summer clothes: loose on the catwalk

Simple prints, traditional patterns and sleek clothing were featured in this collection. Models wore mainly convertible pieces, which included reversible parkas and a double jacket with a versatile inner vest.

Commercials: The senses take center stage

Hermés is not only coveted for its chic clothes. The designer house is also at the forefront of accessories. The Birkin bag is one of Hermés most popular and expensive products. Other product categories that Hermés has listed in its range are cosmetics and perfumes.

Red lipstick: attractive eye-catcher

Lipsticks can change the whole look. Red lips in particular represent elegance, strength and passion. Pierre Hardy created three shades in an intense and velvety matte finish to highlight the beauty of the wearer.


Woman fragrance: pepper on the nose

Peppery, floral and spicy fragrance, is in a pink bottle with a black lid and is decorated with a thin silk scarf tied around the neck of the bottle. The perfume represents self-confidence and strength. It is perfect for summer and winter. So the ideal all-rounder.

VIPs: Kylie Jenner’s favorites

Handbags play a special role in Kylie Jenner’s life. She builds a room in her house, which is intended only for the storage of her bags. The bags are sorted by designers and are all nicely lit. Her favorite pieces are the Hermés bags that she owns.

Kylie’s personal bag paradise

Quite proudly Kylie Jenner presented her stunning bag collection. Hermes bags are also represented in her collection. However, not just one, but directly 13 Birkin Bags in different sizes and colors. In addition, the reality TV starlet and entrepreneur owns 10 Kelly Bags.

Behind the scenes at Hermés

Versatile are the scarves from Hermés. If you fold them properly, you can make a bag out of them, worn around the waist.

How are Hermés scarves created?

Hermes is known for its stunning and unique patterns on their silk scarves and shawls. These are handmade in Kyoto, Japan. Japanese marble print master Moriyoshi Nose dyes silk and other fabrics for the Hermès fashion brand. Marble printing is a complex process and a dying craft in the age of inkjet printing.

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