Michael Kors Videos – Fashion Show, Commercials, Gigi Hadid & Vogue Interview

Michael Kors Videos – Michael Kors is a world-renowned, award-winning designer of luxury fashion and accessories, which are kept in a sporty and at the same time elegant style. Just like Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton, the fashion brand is one of the most successful textile and jewelry brands in the world. Some of its most popular winter and summer collections and products are presented to you here in this article. Also: The best videos of Fashion Week New York, the hottest designer clothes and smartwatches, advertising face Gigi Hadid and exclusive interviews with Naomi Campbell and the designer Michael Kors!

Women: Summer & winter for men and women

The elegant jet-set lifestyle of Michael Kors is world famous. For each of his collections, presented at New York Fashion Week, millions of fashion lovers are eagerly awaiting. The most popular fashion shows and luxury clothes for summer and winter from Michael kors!

Winter: Fashion show in New York

In this fashion show Michael Kors presents his collection on the theme of strength and power. The models wore clothes in neutral colors such as gray, beige, green and black. The neutral colors of the clothes are designed to focus on the wearer and make their personality shine stronger.

Summer: Kendall Jenner opens the show

The clothes are designed to create a good self-esteem. When you put on the clothes, you feel a great feminine feeling and get a fierce confidence boost. More on Kendall Jenner and how a supermodel like her prepares for a special day like this, here: New York Fashion Week 2021

Commercials: Jetset High Life and High Tech

Michael Kors provides a better attitude towards life and gives people a glimpse into high society jet set life: Exclusive international locations!

Jet once around the world and back again

Bella Hadid was the advertising face of the spring campaign Jet, Set, Go. This campaign promotes a shoulder bag. This is supposed to convey a jet-set lifestyle. The bag is available in many colors, sizes and shapes.

Computer for your wrist

With the Michael Kors smartwatch you can see everything at a glance, be it text messages, the weather, the time or even directions, everything is fast, reliable, conveniently accessible and super chic to boot.

VIPs: Advertising face Gigi Hadid

Already at the age of 15, Gigi Hadid is a campaign face for famous brands like Guess. The model has also walked for Michael Kors at some of his shows and became the face of the “Wonderlust” perfume campaign.

Gigi Hadid in paradise

US model Gigi Hadid recognizes in this campaign for the perfume, her sense of adventure and wanderlust. The fragrance consists of a luxurious blend of floral and spicy notes. The scent of this perfume takes the wearer on a journey to paradise with unlimited possibilities.

Interviews: Michael Kors & Naomi Campbell

Deeper insight into the life of fashion designer Michael Kors and his work you get in these interviews. In the interview with Vogue, you not only get answers to interesting questions about the designer, but also get a small tour of the designer’s apartment.

At home with Michael Kors

Michael Kors invited Vogue to his Greenwich Village apartment and answered 73 exciting questions about his life and work. Michael talked about his favorite fabric to design, why he likes living in New York so much and what piece of clothing he thinks every woman should own. In the second interview, Kors and Campbell reflect on their experiences in the fashion industry.

Naomi Campbell and Michael Kors time together

For Michael Kor’s 40th anniversary in the fashion industry, supermodel Naomi Campbell invited him for an interview to talk about their time in the fashion industry together.

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