Louboutin: Fashion Brand, Designer, High Heels & Sneakers

Christian Louboutin – The fashion brand is called in one breath with luxury brands like Manolo Blahnik and Valentino. Louboutin is one of the most successful luxury shoe brands in the world. Here you can learn everything about the designer, the foundation of the label and what it is known for – shoes. We’ll introduce you to all the best-selling products and more. The most popular women’s and men’s items of the brand! Plus, Louboutin campaign videos. Did you know that Louboutin also makes makeup and sneakers? Find out more in this article.

Who is Christian Louboutin?

In 1975, the then eleven-year-old Christian Louboutin discovered his passion for women’s shoes. He visited the Museum of African and Oceanic Art, where a sign warned visitors not to scratch the floor with their high heels. From then on, he began to decorate exercise books with drawings of women’s shoes.

In addition, he began to admire the dancers of Parisian vaudeville. In 1980, the designer’s career began with training at the famous vaudeville theater “Folies Bergères”. Then he worked as a freelancer for luxury brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Maud Frizon and others.

The red sole is his trademark. In 1992, the designer founded his own label and opened his first Christian Louboutin boutique in Paris. The French designer creates mainly high-heeled women’s shoes, the peculiarity of which is that the outer sole of the shoe is made of the color red. His creations were immediately popular, but the real breakthrough came when he first painted the sole of one of his designs with red nail polish.

The red-soled shoes were an instant attraction that Louboutin’s clientele clamored for. For the designer, red is more than a color. He symbolizes it as love, blood and passion. In addition, the French fashion designer is known for his handbag designs.

Louboutin shoes: high heels & sneakers

What makes Louboutin stand out? Shoes. Louboutin – a luxury brand that everyone knows and is known for its footwear. Let us take you to the world of Louboutin shoes and fashion:

High heels with red sole

Probably the most famous shoe Louboutin, the high heels with the red sole. The designer is known above all for the high-heeled shoes from the luxury segment. A pair of these Louboutins costs on average around 500 euros. Increased attention and fame Louboutins gained through the TV series “Sex and the City”. Since then, the footwear has become a cult object for many. The “Red Sole” by Christian Louboutin is protected as a trademark in selected countries. These are the 9 bestsellers of Louboutin:

1st Christian Louboutin patent leather high heels – Argotik
2nd Christian Louboutin patent leather high heels – Pigalle Plato
3. christian louboutin mesh patent leather high heels – salopatina
4. Christian Louboutin Satin High Heels – Decollete
5. Christian Louboutin Leather High Heels – Pigalle Follies
6. christian louboutin embellished leather high heels – Follies Cabo
7. christian louboutin patent leather high heels – Decollete 554
8th Christian Louboutin Satin Lace High Heels – Pigalace
9. christian louboutin leather high heels – iriza

Luxury heels: “Marie Antoinette”

The Marie Antoinettes high heels by Christian Louboutin is an extremely strictly limited edition. The pair is only 36 times! The shoe is available in yellow, blue and pink silk. In addition to the typical red sole, the shoe is provided with a silk bow and decorations of a small porcelain face with wig on the ankle strap. The shoe can be grabbed for a proud 5,000 euros. Due to the strictly limited edition, the shoe was only available three times in Los Angeles.

Louboutin wedding shoes

Louboutin has designed its own line of bridal shoes. The Jewel Queen 100 sandals are one of the top favorites among Louboutin’s bridal shoes. They are made of satin and feature a crystal-studded bow. The classic red sole makes for a real eye-catcher and assures a unique appearance. A glamorous choice for the contemporary bride.

All Black Sneaker with Studs

Meanwhile, the designer brand also creates luxury sneakers in a variety of colors. Rivets, glitter and stones give the everyday shoes that certain something, just like the red sole, which is characteristic of the brand.

Women’s fashion: bags, accessories & makeup

The women’s world Louboutin is diverse. The collections range from shoes, bags to accessories. Here you can find out which designer pieces are especially trendy and which you should not miss.

Rouge Louboutin x nail polish

Rouge Louboutin: A must-have product. Nail polish that catches the eye with its exclusive and luxurious design. The tapered bottle that holds Louboutins nail polish is based on the construction art common in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. The delicate brush ensures flawless color application and conjures up a matte, luminous result. For the perfect result, roll the bottle back and forth between the palms and apply one to two coats of nail polish for the desired effect.

This product is already so popular that it has clearly overtaken other competitors on the Internet and in drugstores. A nail polish color that should not be missing in any assortment. The nuance is strongly reminiscent of the strong and exclusive red that is reflected in Louboutin’s shoes. This definitely ensures harmony and appeal.

Louboutin Makeup Products: Lipsticks and more

The eyeshadow palette to refill. The product is available via online website in three different variants for 65 euros, Rouge Follies, Rose Pigalle and Bronze Eloise. In addition, the range extends from mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils to lipsticks.

Louboutin bags: Pure luxury!

Christian Louboutin bags are a perfect combination of classic elements and unusual details, such as python leather or predator skins. The materials used look noble and ensure long-term durability. In addition, the women’s handbags look seductive, feminine and are thus a real eye-catcher. Swarovski stones, spikes, studs and glitter provide that certain extra and must not be missing in any Louboutin collection.

The famous red, that trademark of the designer is reflected in the interiors of the bags and provides a glamorous appearance. The range consists of basket, crossbody, handle, mini, belt and evening bags, as well as portmonees. If you are looking for an extravagant evening bag, Louboutin is the place to go. There are many evening bags such as the Loubi 54, Spiked Clutch or even the Sweet Charity shoulder bag offered. Like the shoes, the designer’s handbags are now iconic classics and create an incomparable style to other fashion brands.

Louboutin for men

In Christian Louboutin’s range, style-conscious men will find an exclusive selection of high-quality and unique shoes.

Most Popular Mens Sneakers

The noble lace-up shoe is an optimal companion for everyday business. Are you a fan of color and unusual designs? Then Louboutin’s shoe world is the right place for you. The collections are more than just a pair of shoes. They stand for art and ensure the right appearance. Give your outfit that certain something. Among the top sellers are the “Spike Sock 000, Louis Spikes High-top and Louis Orlato”.

Listing of the top 5 men’s shoe Louboutins:

  1. Louis Flat Rhinestone – Sneaker
  2. Louis Orlato – Sneaker
  3. Lou Spikes Orlato – Sneaker
  4. Happyrui Spikes – Sneaker
  5. Roller Ball Loafers

CL logo belt

The hip belt attracts all eyes with its eye-catching buckle and unusual snake look. The model is 40 mm wide and made in the characteristic colors of Maison Louboutin. The outer material is made of shiny black calf leather with two layers of patina and the inner material is made of loubi. The belt’s playful buckle, which is silver, is particularly eye-catching. You want to stand out? Then this belt is exactly the right must-have piece for you!

Blaster Crossbody

A must-have product is definitely the Blaster Crossbody bag from Christian Louboutin. It has spirited, seductive lines that are common for the Louboutin fashion label. The bag features an adjustable black strap with the designer’s name. The strap allows the bag to be worn over the shoulder as well as crossbody. Especially for the young target group, this bag is a real eye-catcher and enhances any basic outfit.

Men’s collection: Welcome to the LoubiCircus!

Dive into red glitter and the fantasy and creativity of Christian Louboutin’s spring/summer collection for men, presented during Paris Fashion Week.

Louboutin campaigns

Luxury shoe brand campaigns!

Loubiairwaves – A digital airport

Christian Louboutin’s fashion label is leading the way. The designer presents his latest collection in the form of a digital airport. Using 3D technology, the label has created an airplane and takes guests from JFK Airport, New York to Loubiville. The occasion for this campaign is the Corona Pandemic, which currently restricts travel.

Louboutin therefore recreates all the steps of travel: security check, boarding the plane, watching a security video on board and also on-board service, as well as reading material for passengers. However, no food and drinks are presented, but the latest fragrances, lipsticks, shoes and accessories. The designer makes it possible and shows how you too can briefly escape the hard time.

Charity campaign – Together against racism

The designer creates a joint campaign against racism with the actor couple Idris and Sabrina Elba. The campaign is called “Walk a Mile in my Shoes” and is a statement against social injustice and racism. Background of the charity action, the Black-live Matter movement triggered by the death of George Floyd. The topic is gaining more and more importance, especially through celebrities like Selena Gomez and Beyoncé, as well as media interest. Based on this, the collaboration between Louboutin and the actor couple was born.

The proceeds of the charity campaign will go to organizations that help children in Somalia and young people in England, as well as in Sierra Leone. A global message is conveyed, which should ensure more responsibility and attention.

Brands like Louboutin: Valentino & Margiela

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Valentino Garavani: Gigi Hadid, Rockstud & Heidi Klum

A fashion brand that enjoys being associated with luxury and elegance. The label combines dot and boho style elements to create romantic must-have pieces. To this day, Valentino has enjoyed great success and is one of the most successful fashion houses in the world. The luxury brand is particularly known for one thing: Red Carpet Designs. Thus, the fashion label designs fashion for men and women, leather accessories and extravagant haute couture. The timeless fashion stands for pure exclusivity. One particular shoe line Valentinos has made it into the hearts of all fashion lovers and no fashion connoisseur’s shoe closet can be imagined without it: the Rockstud shoes. They are worn everywhere, whether by stars on the red carpet or fashion bloggers. Learn more about the world of Valentino.

Maison Margiela: Replica Perfume, Sneaker & Hoodie

French fashion house Maison Margiela stands for brilliant avant-garde fashion. The designer is mainly concerned with putting together seemingly mismatched garments, which is also called deconstructivism. Whether jeans, shirts or sneakers – fashion by Maison Margiela stands for timeless elegance that defies gender boundaries and sets impressive accents. In this article you will learn more about the life of Maison Margiela, his fashion and an interesting collaboration with H&M.

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