Sneaker brands: Women x Men – Fashion by Adidas, Nike & Puma

Sneaker brands for men and women – Whether it’s summer or winter, sneakers really can’t be missing from any well-stocked shoe rack. It’s no secret that sneakers have now become the most valuable collector’s items. New editions, special editions or models from another planet have been the general trend of the past twenty years. The most popular fashion brands are clearly Adidas, Nike and Puma. In this article we present you a list of the hottest sneakers. Also check out our hottest sports brands.

Fashion brands list: for sneakers

Here you can find the hottest sneaker fashion brands:

More fashion brands: from Germany & high heels

Check out the hottest fashion brands from Germany here and discover trendy high heels brands!

Fashion brands from Germany: German fashion

Creative, innovative, versatile: German fashion design is something to be proud of! Fashion labels from Germany are gaining international recognition and no longer have to hide behind Italian or French names. Whether in the luxury segment or streetwear: fashion made in Germany has a lot to offer besides a sense of tradition!

Fashion brands for high heels: Louboutin & Manolo Blahnik

They give us confidence, look incredibly seductive and make women absolute goddesses: High heels bring fashion girls a little closer to heaven! Among the most famous shoe designers for high heels are Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik & Jimmy Choo. They all became famous for their extravagant, luxurious and extremely high shoe designs.

Fashion brands: list

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