Bvlgari: fashion brand from Italy, history, jewelry & bags

Bvlgari – Just like Prada, Dolce and Versace, Bulgari fashion brand is one of the most popular Italian luxury goods and jewelry companies in the world. It is one of the most successful brands in the world and annually presents its fashion by supermodels like Gigi and Bella Hadid at Milan Fashion Week. Pure luxury! – You can see that in every single Bvlgari video, whether it’s a fashion show or an advertising campaign. In addition to the large selection of jewelry, the famous label has much more to offer. The accessories of the stars: bags, necklaces, watches and sunglasses. In addition, the seductive women’s fragrances of Bulgari and a special project of the brand. All important information about the fashion label, you get here!

How did Voulgaris become Bvlgari?

Italian goldsmith Sotirios Voulgaris founded and opened his first store in a small village in Rome. But how did Bulgari items become so popular around the world? Due to the fact that a major Italian film studio, was near the Bulgari store, the jewelry manufacturer supplied film stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper as early as the 1950s, which made the brand become a cult brand. Later, other boutiques were opened around the world.

How Voulgaris became Bvlgari? It’s simple: In the Italian alphabet, the letter V is pronounced like a U. This explains why the company is spelled with a V instead of a U. This explains why the company is spelled with a V instead of a U. But why is the Italian jewelry label not called Vvlgaris or Vulgaris? The answer, the name Voulgaris comes from the Greek and is pronounced Bulgari. Thus, the modification of the name serves only a simplification to the pronunciation.

Bulgari – The jewelry of the stars

That Bulgari jewelry takes the largest share of the assortment is obvious. But what makes the jewelry from the Italian goldsmith so special? Voulgaris, as a trained goldsmith, was able to give free rein to his creativity in jewelry production. This allowed the Italian to create sophisticated silver ornaments. He also made buckles, oval medallions and belts, which were additionally decorated with mythological, floral or leafy motifs in the Greek style. The unique pieces turned out to be a huge success and are still, very popular and in demand.

The jewelry company sells high-quality necklaces, men’s rings, earrings , bracelets, necklaces, watches, rings for women and even engagement rings. The highest quality jewelry from Bvlgari:

  • Serpenti ring snake
  • Surpenti ring snake
  • Tondo chain sun
  • Fiorever flower earrings

Ocean’s 8 premiere: Rhianna adorns herself with Bvlgari

The special pieces of jewelry are not only highly sought after by the average consumer. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Khloé Kardashion and many more are also enthusiastic about the Bulgari jewelry. For the worldwide premiere of “Ocean’s 8,” US singer and actress Rihanna opted for a pair of Bulgari Giardini High Jewelry earrings paired with a Serpenti Incantati watch.

Bella Hadid: Elegant and seductive like a snake

Serpenti necklace is one of the most unique pieces of the Italian fashion house. The US model Bella Hadid wears the diamond-studded necklace, which is literally wrapped around her neck like a snake. The special necklace symbolizes sensuality and seduction, which combines strength and elegance with a hypnotic design.

Angelina Jolie fashion sunglasses

As additional accessories, the Italian luxury jewelry house sells, among other things, sunglasses. The sunglasses are available in a wide variety of frames, shapes and colors. The glasses are available in round, square, oval, cat-eye shaped and several other shapes in the Bulgari range. In addition, each pair of sunglasses is available in at least two colors, so that for every face shape and hair color or skin color, the right frame can be found.

This is by far the most famous sunglasses from Bulgari. US actress Angelina Jolie wears Bulgari glasses in everyday life. On an outing with her daughter, she wears rectangular sunglasses. The glasses have a multicolored and captivating snake scale design and a gold detail on the side – high quality chic.

Bvlgari: Extravagant watches

Bulgari watches not only show you the time, but also look super stylish. The Italian jewelry label has a huge selection of women’s watches and men’s watches. The watches are available in many colors, shapes, sizes and patterns. Some watches have the characteristic snake design, which beautifully, hugs the wrist. Andre watches are decorated with a mosaic of colorful and bright diamonds, which are individually placed on the watches by the finest handwork. But Bulgari also has plainer wristwatches for sale. These are the most famous watches:

  • Quartz watch
  • Seprenti watch snake
  • Octo clock
  • Bvlagri clock
  • Skeleton clock

Top perfumes for women and men

Besides numerous accessories, Bvlgari also offers some perfumes. The women’s and men’s fragrances are available in many scents, among which fall the following: Woody, Floral, Oriental, Fresh, Spicy, Aromatic, Aquatic and Chypre. The perfumes are praised, especially for their long shelf life. In addition, it is repeatedly mentioned that the perfumes are pleasant and not intrusive in smell. You can find the most sold fragrances here:

  • Wood Essence
  • Aqva Amara
  • Black
  • Omnia
  • Au the blanc
  • Au the vert
  • Jasmine noir
  • Goldea
  • Glacial essence
  • Iris d’or
  • Indian garnet
  • Tygar

Most fragrances are also available as sets with care products such as body lotion, shower gel and after-shave. Some fragrances are also available as a mini version in a set with other fragrances. Tip. These sets are perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Bvlgari x Alexander Wang bag

Alexander Wang and Bvlgari have often collaborated and created a best-selling bag together. We are talking about the Serpenti Forever Crosbody bag with a mini bag tag made of emerald green calfskin. Moreover, a bright gold plated brass stud closure in the shape of a snake’s head, which has a scale-like structure, decorates the shoulder bag. The snake head is decorated with poison green eyes. The chain of the bag is detachable on one side and in a snake body shape. The inside of the bag decorated with the logo of the brand prays an open compartment for extra storage space. The bag is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Be it for a casual look or even for a chic outfit. This is what the Bulgari logo looks like:

The bag is also available in different sizes and designs. Some bags have several snake heads. Others, however, are decorated with stones on the edges. It is available in these colors: Yellow, blue, brown, red, white, pink and black. US supermodel Gigi Hadid combines the bag in yellow with an all black outfit on the street. The outfit consists of a black tank top, black leather pants and black ankle boots. The shoulder bag hangs casually around her upper body.

Special: Pure Luxury! Vacation with Bvlgari

The Italian cult label for jewelry and leather goods is also active in the tourism industry. More specifically, they own a chain of hotels for luxury stays. The hotels are located in Milan, Paris, Dubai, Bali and Beijing, among others. In the next three years, they plan to open more hotels in Rome, Moscow, Miami Beach, Los Angelas and in Tokyo.

The stays are designed to enjoy a luxurious time. This is ensured by the hotel rooms’ furnishings designed with an Italian contemporary luxury feel. With the help of rare and lavish materials, designer furniture and custom details, this feeling is conveyed. Each property is located in the best and most splendid areas of the city and has some unique cultural features that make the stay particularly remarkable. Each guest is exposed to a strong connection with the local culture.

Bvlgari is particularly excited to open the new Roman hotel. The hotel will be in the central Piazza Augusto Imperatore. This is in the heart of the Campo Marzio neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from Via del Corso and Via del Babuino, the world-renowned Spanish Steps and Bvlgari’s signature flagship on Via Condotti. As the home of Rome Bvlgari, this opening will be a remarkable addition to the Bulgari Hotels and Resorts Collection. Travel to Rome and stay at the Bvlgari Hotel once! – That’s luxury.

Brands like Bvlgari: Tiffany & Co and Gucci

Bvlgari sells its fashion alongside luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co and Gucci, among others.

Tiffany & Co: Jewelry in a class of its own

Founded in New York, the label, which is known for high-end jewelry, is loved all over the world. Charles Lewis Tiffany, the reasons of the jewelry company has created the design of the most popular engagement ring of all time. The ring was conceptualized to allow more light to shine through, this causes the diamonds to sparkle like never before. Learn more about the products and Tiffany & Co and click on the link!

Gucci: watch, bag, belt and shoes

The luxury company Gucci is a world-renowned label for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories. What Gucci stands for and what popular products are on the market, you can find in the linked article.

More fashion brands and designers

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