The Model Book: Guide for all models

15. December 2023/by Jordan

Become a model: Simple steps to a modeling career explained

15. December 2023/by Jordan

Posing tips for models: posture, facial expression, posing!

14. December 2023/by C_kinski

Becoming a model with a gap in your teeth? Your tooth gap as a trademark!

14. October 2023/by C_kinski

Recording a casting video: What to look out for? 6 tips from our bookers

14. September 2023/by C_kinski

Modeling abroad: International work of a modeling agency

6. August 2023/by Jordan

Model Scouting Revealed: The 4 secrets of modeling agencies

1. July 2023/by Jordan

Becoming a model with freckles? Your freckles as a trademark!

14. June 2023/by C_kinski

Agencies: Marketing, Media & Advertising – All agency types

2. June 2023/by C_kinski

Time zone calculator: Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo

4. May 2023/by C_kinski

Supermodels: From Castings to Icons – Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell & Co.

12. April 2023/by C_kinski

CM Model Coaching ’22: Be there – Apply now & win a wildcard!

7. June 2022/by C_kinski

Fashion: History of the fashion industry

16. September 2021/by C_kinski

Fashion designers: Icons of the fashion world – Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Versace & Co.

16. September 2021/by C_kinski

Fashion magazines: History of the biggest magazines – Vogue, ELLE & Co.

16. September 2021/by C_kinski

Haute Couture Story: Paris, New York, London – Dior, Chanel, Givenchy & Co.

16. September 2021/by C_kinski

Shopping Guide: New York, Paris & London – Shopping Streets, Fashion Stores & Outlets

8. June 2021/by Stephan

Become a model in London: your book, casting & jobs

16. January 2021/by Stephan

Becoming a Model in New York: Application, Casting & Jobs

19. December 2020/by Laura

Modeling in Berlin! First castings, jobs and travels in the capital city

22. August 2019/by Laura

Male Model: How to become a model as a man?

16. May 2019/by Laura

Model agency under 18 at CM: Top 10 agency in Germany

1. May 2019/by Laura

Model agency: Size unimportant? Small models and minimum size

24. April 2019/by Laura

Model agency over 40: Successful role models

22. April 2019/by Laura
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