Nutrition: Beautiful Skin, Diet, Apple Cider Vinegar, Dash, Catogens, FDH and More

Nutrition – You want to become a model and haven’t really dealt with the topic of nutrition yet? A conscious diet is not only good for your skin and your body, but also for your health. If your skin is prone to blemishes, you can prevent it. We show you how! We also introduce you to different diets and show you how to maintain your weight in a healthy way. If you feel even better without an ounce or two on your body, we’ll also introduce you to foods that will help you do that naturally. Recipes, drinks and delicious foods, here.

Diet: Flat Belly, Romee Strijd & Avocado

A healthy diet is an important building block for our health and well-being. Most of the time we eat what our body feels like, but not what it really needs. Why we eat, what, when and how much depends on two factors – perception and feelings. But a number of psychological and social aspects also play a significant role. Here you will learn how you can eat a balanced and healthy diet and lose a gram or two of body fat if you want to.

Diet for healthy skin: recipes, apple & lemon

The foods you eat affect your skin. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you can also provide your skin with all the ingredients it needs through delicious drinks and superfoods. Learn quick and easy delicious drink recipes that will revolutionize your skin’s appearance here. General tips on substances your skin needs to be healthy are also given to you by a dermatologist herself. No more blemishes!

Diet plan: food, nuts, avocado & egg

Slim through diet – The most important foods to show off your abs. You don’t have to spend hours cycling or running, a balanced and healthy diet is all you need to reduce belly fat. While you can’t target specific areas of your body to lose weight, there are still foods that make it easier for you to lose belly fat. There are foods that are very high in fat or sugar and hinder you to lose that last belly fat. We present you the best foods to help you get closer to your goal!

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Lose Weight, Strong Immune System & Healthier Skin

Apple cider vinegar is a true miracle cure. Whether for the body and the immune system or for external use, for example as an organic shampoo. Also for cooking or even for cleaning in the household, you can use the magic drink. Here you will learn how you can boost your metabolism with a simple habit and lose weight in a healthy way that your body will thank you for.

DASH diet: Low blood pressure and slim figure

Quite the opposite of interval fasting or all the crash diets, the DASH diet pursues the goal of enabling a healthy weight loss over a long period of time. After all, the name also stands for: “Dietary Approach to Stop High Pressure” and is primarily aimed at people with health problems such as high blood pressure. The advantages of the DASH diet, the golden rules and absolute no-go’s can be found here!

Ketogenic diet: definition, process, plan & recipes

The ketogenic diet is characterized by the fact that no carbohydrates are used. The diet is protein and energy balanced and therefore high in fat. The lack of carbohydrates ensures that the metabolism changes and gets into a “ketosis”. In the normal case, the body gains its energy from the carbohydrates that we consume with food. Since during the ketogenic diet just these carbohydrates are renounced, the body goes to the fat reserves. This can significantly reduce the amount of fat in the body. This diet was originally a form of treatment for epilepsy. It is believed that the increased proportion of ketone bodies has a positive effect on this disease.

Paleo or Stone Age Diet: Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

Vegetables, high-quality animal products and fruit are the main components of the so-called “Stone Age Diet”. The focus of this diet is not on the quantity, but on the quality of the food. The Stone Age life is not to be imitated, rather it is about eating naturally. Therefore, the Paleo diet is based on our ancestors, the hunters and gatherers. Whether the Paleo diet keeps what it promises, what the advantages and disadvantages are and the criticism of the fancy diet, you can read here.

More Beauty Tips! CM Beauty Guide

Besides nutrition, as a model you should pay more special attention to other parts of your body in your grooming routine. Like hair care, skin care, facial care, nail care, hand care, foot care, abdominal care and leg care. The complete beauty package involves a lot of grooming. We make it easy for you with our care guide and summarize for you all the important information about beauty in a nutshell.

Natural cosmetics: foundation, bronzer and more

You have sensitive skin, but still don’t want to do without makeup? Avoid ingredients like polyethylene glycol, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, paraffins and other petroleum products. Do something good for your skin and the environment. Dive into the world of natural cosmetics and try out natural make-up! Recipes for foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer and mascara.

XXL Beauty Guide: Skincare Products: Tom Ford, Gucci & Tips

Tips and tricks for care from head to toe! Here you can find our XXL care guide.