Victoria Secret: Brand, Underwear Collections & Fashion Shows

Victoria Secret – An underwear brand that has made history. An American fashion brand that belongs to the retail group Limited Brands and is mainly known for its underwear in all kinds of styles. VS also covers product areas such as swimwear, sports fashion and cosmetics. Victoria Secret is one of the top underwear brands, as well as sports fashion brands, just like Mari Jo, Calvin Klein, Nike and Puma. In this article you will learn everything about the label, from its history to the most expensive underwear in the world.

Victoria Secret – Designer

Victoria Secret is one of the most famous labels in the world and brings with it an exciting company history. Learn all about the history here!

Company history

It all started in 1977 with a simple idea from designer Roy Raymond in San Francisco, California. His goal: to create a store where men could easily buy underwear for their wives. After numerous unsuccessful visits to underwear stores, he decided to open his own store to offer men more comfort. He also designed his own underwear line. Thanks to the well-considered business approach, the label enjoyed early success.

The name Victoria Secret was chosen in honor of Queen Victoria. She was a true corset lover and left a clear mark in the fashion world. In the next 5 years, the designer opened a whole 6 stores and sold beautiful, unique underwear. Later he sold his label to Limited Brands, owned by Leslie Wexner. The latter expanded the assortment of the brand and thus sold not only underwear, but also pajamas, perfumes, shoes and stuffed animals.

In 1995 the first Victoria Secret show followed. Until today, the label is known for their unique and glamorous shows. Since 1999, the label holds a big show every year, where big artists like the Weekend, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and many more perform. The collections are presented in angel models with butterfly wings, angels and peacocks. Victoria Secret brand is not only the leader in the underwear industry, but also the most famous brand in the world.

What is really special about the brand is not only its insane success, but also its celebrity support. Not to forget the top models who have signed up for numerous promotional tasks for the company. The models are also known as Angels, as they have been floating down the runway with giant angel wings at the annual show since 1999. Models like Heidi Klum, Ariana Lana, Alessandra Ambroissia and Doutzen Kroes are Angels who have gone down in the history of Victoria Secret.

Cooperation with Balmain: Premiere

The VS x Balmain collection is Victoria Secret’s first limited edition with a luxury brand. The first parts of designer Olivier Roust.

Bras – Variety of choice

At Victoria Secret you will find one thing above all: numerous bras in the most diverse designs. Whether simple basic bras for everyday life, seductive lacy bralets for the evening or the most expensive bras studded with diamonds worth up to 15 million euros. One thing is guaranteed – everyone will find what they are looking for at Victoria Secret.

Most expensive bra – Fantasy Bra

The Fantasy Bra, released in 2001 and first presented by Gisele Bündchen at the Victoria Secret Show, is more than unique. At 15 million dollars, it is the most expensive bra in the world and has made history. The most expensive lingerie set even made it into the Guinness Book of Records and keeps the place until today. A total of 270 hours were spent working on the set, 1300 gemstones and 300 carats of Thai rubies were processed. A bra that the fashion world will not soon forget. Elsa Hosk presented a Fanatsy Bra decorated with over 2,100 diamonds at the Victoria Secret Show in 2018. In New York, the Swedish model floated down the runway adorned with feathers and praised the luxury bra worth 1 million euros. You want to become a model too? It’s best to become a model early, at 15 or 16.

Most wanted – Dream Angels half shell

This unique bra comes in a variety of colors due to its popularity. The playful half cup bra fits perfectly to the curves thanks to the Memory Fit padding and provides a flawless and comfortable fit with a seamless low back neckline and stretchy sides made of seductive lace.

Most wanted – Body by Victoria full shell

This bra is one of the most popular from Victoria Secret. He convinces with a super soft material and conjures up a beautiful décolleté by Picot border. The light memory-fit padding ensures that the bra adapts to the body, and provides good support.

Most wanted – Bombshell

The ultimate push-up has an additional soft padding, which provides for a beautiful cleavage and sets it even more in scene. In addition, the U-neck on the back ensures a flawless and above all comfortable fit.


Victoria Secret is an international company and has built up numerous locations worldwide. In Germany there are two stores, in Frankfurt am Main and in Munich.

Body spray

Discover the body spray collection from Victoria Secret. These wonderful fragrances embody pure individuality and uniqueness. Embark on your fragrance adventure!

Bodyspray – Bare Vanilla

You love the sweet scent of vanilla? And can’t get enough of it? Then the Bare Vanilla body spray is just right for you. You’ll be wrapped in a warm, distinctive veil of scent from top to bottom. This sensual, pleasant scent is just right when you want to avoid intense eau de toilette or heavy perfume.

Bodyspray – Sheer Love

This fragrance is where romance meets passion. The fresh floral body spray Sheer Love puts every woman in a romantic mood. In addition, the formula with soothing chamomile and aloe vera is more than caring and gives the skin a long-lasting sense of well-being. A perfect fragrance for spring and summer.

Body spray – Aqua Kiss

A fragrance like cool refreshing water, radiant as the scent of an unforgettable summer night: that’s exactly what Aqua Kiss Bodyspray by Victoria Secret. Allow yourself the moment and pamper yourself with this truly unique fragrance that is guaranteed to attract attention.

Advertising campaign

Advertising campaigns are designed to maximize sales and profits. Likewise, Victoria Secret wants to create and strengthen a new corporate image with the new advertising campaigns.

Everything new – and everything revolves around you

Victoria Secret is redefining itself and wants to give the new lingerie collection a whole new definition. The brand moves away from the typical women’s image and focuses instead on the feel-good factor of women. Perfect bodies of famous models have long been history, now authenticity and diversity in terms of body color and body types are paramount. It is a new strategy that is also celebrated above all by Victoria Secret’s fans. They love to see the diversity of beautiful women.

VS Collective

The new campaign focuses on women who are known for their achievements and not for specific body measurements. The label wants to redefine itself! Paloma Elsesser, who is part of the new campaign, didn’t start modeling to do all the cool stuff, but to change the world! With brands like VS you can make radical changes because of the enormous accessibility.

Q&A: All about Victoria Secret

All questions and answers about Victoria Secret you can find here:

How long has Victoria Secret been around?

The brand has been around since June 12, 1977 and was founded in Francisco, California.

Where is Victoria Secret made?

Victoria Secret products are produced in Asian countries such as Bangladesh and India or in South African countries such as Swaziland.

Why is there no more Victoria Secret show?

Since 2019, the lingerie label has dispensed with their well-known fashion shows. The audience numbers have declined sharply over the years. In addition, the company is haunted by the image damage caused by the scandal around Jeffrey Epstein.

What are the sizes at Victoria Secret?

As a rule, Victoria Secret things are half a size larger. For a large A or a small B, an A is optimal, with a small A you should better fall back on the AA models. Small tip: If you fluctuate between two sizes rather choose the number smaller.

How long does it take to order from Victoria Secret?

In stock items are shipped from 1 to 3 business days.

How tall do you have to be to be a Victoria Secret model?

The average height of a Victoria Secret model is 1.80 meters and according to the report, a typical waist is 60-centimeters and a 90-centimeter hip.

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