Swarovski Videos: Nike Sneakers, Victoria’s Secret, Jewellery & Co.

Swarovski Videos – A company worth billions of dollars – Swarovski. Since its founding in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, the company has risen rapidly. Based in Wattens, Austria, the company has other parts like Swarovski Optik KG under it apart from its main distribution of the glass gemstones. Attention has been paid to excellent quality and flawless products since the company’s founding – no wonder, as Swarovski’s company secret is closely guarded to this day and only passed down within the family. This video article gives you an insight into the world of Swarovski crystals, be it figurines, jewellery or collaborations with stars and designers. Read for yourself and let yourself be seduced by Swarovski’s brilliance!

Women: Jewelry collections like “Collection I”

Shimmering and bright colours, showy bling and bold combinations. The jewellery creations from the house of Swarovski become more colourful and exotic year after year. In addition to the popular, everyday pieces, Swarovski also has a unique range of particularly sculptural and extravagant pieces to offer. In the following section, take a look at these special creations that usher in a new era of Swarovski jewellery!

Jewellery collection: “Collection I

With Collection I, Swarovski introduces a whole new creative way of crystal jewellery. Going beyond borders and social norms is the motto. Mysterious, mesmerizing and exquisite, the creations are meant to appear, but at the same time they convey innovation. The jewellery captivates with sculptural ornaments and cheerful colours reminiscent of sweets. Within Collection I there are six further, subdivided collections, which all stand out due to different characteristics.

The six collections of Collection I

  • Harmonia (mysterious and feminine)
  • Dulcis (cheerful, sweet and metallic)
  • Millenia (clear and transparent)
  • Curiosa (geometric and technical)
  • Orbita (multifaceted and interchangeable)
  • Chroma (colored and prismatic)

Through this versatility of the Collection I is really something for every jewelry lover, convince yourself in this video!

Commercials: “Wonderlab” and Swarovski Swan

In its commercials, Swarovski shows the beauty and exclusivity of its crystals. With “Welcome to Wonderlab”, the group shows the seemingly magical production of the popular crystal figurines and decorations. It also introduces the new Swarovski Swan, a symbol for which the brand is known worldwide. Check out the following commercials to see just how impressive Swarovski crystals are.

Campaign in Kiev: 150 kilos of Swarovski stones

“Welcome to Wonderlab” is a production of the Ukrainian studio Family Production. 150 kilograms of Swarovski stones were used for the video – and that was obviously worth it! The result is an exclusive and futuristic world of Swarovski figures. The video gives an insight into the secret world of the “Labor Swarovski” and takes the viewer on a journey into the apparent future of the company. Model Adwoa Aboah and actress Gwendoline Christie act as the main characters, who let themselves be carried away into the wonderful world of crystals and gemstones.

Classic of the brand: Swarovski Swan

In this video, Swarovski diamonds travel around the world like stars. From Austria, across China to New York. The cosmopolitan cities of Shanghai and New York stand for the inventiveness and creativity of the new Swarovski product. In the end, the crystals unite to form the root of the company, the Swarovski swan, from which everything magical seems to emanate.

VIPs: Miranda Kerr, Nike and Victoria’s Secret

Swarovski has countless collaborations with stars, corporations and well-known brands and designers like Supreme or Christian Lacroix or Victoria’s Secret. Not only Disney and Warner Bros are among their partners, but also celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Penelope Cruz stand in front of the camera for Swarovski. These collaborations often take place within the house, like at Disney or Warner Bros, but with the crystals are also often and gladly designer pieces around the globe. Curious pieces like a crystal toilet or a car seemingly made of diamonds are not to be missed! See for yourself in these videos, which successes Swarovski has to record!

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski: Fitness Tracker

Since 2013, Miranda Kerr has been one of the most recognizable faces for Swarovski. As a real multi-talent she embodies the new spirit of the brand; flexibility and a healthy lifestyle is in! In this video you can see the Swarovski Fitness Tracker, which you can not only wear sporty with a silicone bracelet, but also easily convert for a more chic occasion with a sparkling leather bracelet.

Swarovski for Nike: Sneaker with glitter

The “Nike Air Max 97 Polar Blue” is not the first shoe that Swarovski has designed with Nike. Along with the Nike Dunk Low Cactus Plant Flea Market Pure Platinum featured in the “Welcome to Wonderlab” promotional video, the Air Max 97 series with Swarovski is very popular among collectors. With a retail price of 400 USD, the shoe initially enters the race and since then has a market value of over 1000 USD. If this is not a must for real sneakerheads!

Swarovski for Victoria’s Secret: Outfits & Wings

Swarovski and Victoria’s Secret have been working closely together since 2003. Every year new models are selected to present the coveted Swarovski outfits and wings. The 2012 runway show marked the 10th year of the collaboration with Swarovski and therefore featured very special dazzling and glittering looks made of glass diamonds. Check out this video to see what it was like backstage at the big Victoria’s Secret x Swarovski show!

Swarovski for Jimmy Choo: Cinderella shoe

An over 3000€ expensive dream for many girls, Jimmy Choo designs a Cinderella collection with countless glittering Swarovski stones. Since Swarovski crystals are “only” made of glass, they fit perfectly to Cinderella, the legendary glass shoe becomes a reality – even if not quite glass. See the brilliance of the crystals in the video and let yourself be enchanted by these unique shoes!

Interviews: Entrepreneur Nadja Swarovski

Nadja Swarovski followed in the footsteps of her great-great-grandfather Daniel Swarovski, the founder of the company, in 1995. She is the first woman in the company’s management and is extremely attached to the values of the Swarovski company. Sustainability and perfect quality are her great hallmarks. Nadja Swarovski was also the one who drew the line to the fashion industry and generated a close cooperation with film productions like Cinderella.

About inspiration, style and collaboration

This interview asks about Nadja Swarovski’s personal interests and inspirations. Her office is filled with the Swarovski pieces that the company has spent years working on. She surrounds herself with many portraits of her family and mementos that remind her every day what she and her brand stand for and what she wants to achieve. Learn more about Nadja Swarovski for yourself in this video!

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  • Givenchy

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Dior is one of the classics in the fashion world. Like Givenchy, the label became big around the same time. The brand shaped the zeitgeist like no other and was one of the houses whose fashion stood in contrast to Balenciaga. Despite the competition it brought, Christian Dior praised Balenciaga’s designs. For a comparison on fashion, you can find an article on Dior here.

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