Swarovski: Victoria, Necklaces & Bracelets

Swarovski – The number one for luxury costume jewelry and luxury jewelry. Refined jewels, brilliant crystal creations, extravagant watches and stunning fragrances, Swarovski brings sparkle to people’s everyday lives. Since 1895, precision meets modern elegance, over 125 years of capturing light in flawless craftsmanship. Here you can learn everything about the Swarovski brand, from the most popular pieces of jewelry, the company history to the most successful marketing campaigns.

General Swarovski

The world market leader for crystals has already produced more than 100,000 colors, facets and shapes. This includes the smallest crystal jewelry stone, as well as the largest crystal in the world. The smallest crystal stone measures just 0.8 millimeters in diameter and has 17 facets. One of Swarovski’s stones has even made it into the Guinness Book of Records, the “Swarovski Centenar”. It measures 40 centimeters in diameter and shimmers with a full 100 facets. Both stones have made it into the Crystal Worlds exhibition.

Company history

There are crystals, there are gemstones – and then there is Swarovski. Swarovski a company that everyone knows, a billion dollar company. The bottom line is that the Austrian company only makes glass, and yet it has created a rare name for itself. The play of colors, as well as the sparkle when light refracts in crystal, fascinated Swarovski’s founder early on. In 1892, the then 29-year-old made a major breakthrough with the first grinding machine that cut crystal jewelry stones more precisely than by hand.

In 1895, Swarovski founded his own company in Watten, a small town on the Inn River. When choosing the location, the young entrepreneur made a point of being far away from the center of the crystal and glass industry in Bohemia at the time, but he also needed a lot of water for cutting and cooling for production. Today, the Swarovski factory site is a major attraction in Watten and has become a real magnet for visitors. For the 100th anniversary in 1995, the experience museum “Crystal Worlds” was opened.

One thing is still secret to this day: the production of the glittering stones. The world market leader Swarovski does not even guarantee employees from other departments access to the large production halls, which are secured with computer-locked sluices. But one thing is certain: the crystal stones are made from quartz sand, which is processed into a viscous mass and shaped. By grinding, the stones are given a variety of facets on which the light then finally refracts in a sparkling manner. More than 600 developers and researchers are concerned with the purity of the crystals, the precision of the cut or the conductivity of the machines produced in-house.

Victoria Swarovski

Victoria Swarovski – The definition of a power woman. She has given her name a whole new meaning. With numerous talents, such as singing, dancing and hosting, the Austrian makes the media world sparkle. She knew early on that she didn’t want to rest on the success of the family business. Already as a young girl she discovered the world of singing and was a member of several choirs. 2010 followed her first single “One in a Million” with which she made it directly into the Top 50 of the German, as well as Austrian charts. It is especially important to the artist to be recognized as an artist and not to be reduced to a well-known name that has nothing to do with her musical art.


When it comes to jewelry, the taste has always been very versatile. Let the most popular Swarovski jewelry captivate and inspire you.

Collection crystal necklace

A simple necklace enhances any outfit! Therefore, the Attract Round necklace belongs in every fashion-conscious jewelry collection. A real eye-catcher and yet simple. The rhodium-plated design adds a touch of timelessly beautiful elegance to any outfit, making it ideal for any occasion. Pair with many other pieces of Swarovski jewelry to add the perfect expression to your styling.

Oscars jewelry collection

To coincide with the Oscars, Swarovski launches a special jewelry collection: “Fine Jewelry Collection”. A production that was produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Swarovski’s jewelry was presented as part of the “Red Carpet Green Dress Initiative”, a design competition launched by actor Suzy Cameron. The design competition stands for sustainable and environmentally friendly Oscar gowns. Accordingly, the Swarovski stones are made of synthetics. However, the crystal label launched synthetic diamonds a year earlier. The collection is known as the “Diama line.” With the designed artificial diamonds, the company bypasses the mining of rough diamonds in crisis regions.


Rings are in the spotlight of the fashion scene. Leading designers, such as Swarovski create unique ring designs that give the outfit a unique touch through clean lines and extravagant shapes. An absolute must-have ring is the “Vittore” ring from Swarovski. The very fine white rectangles sparkle in strung beauty and make this creation an absolute understatement. The continuous row of sparkling elements defines the character of the design and therefore matches many other elegant pieces of Swarovski jewelry. The ring will accentuate any gesture at many special occasions, such as events, red carpet appearances, or a nice evening at a restaurant.


Earrings clearly belong to a must-have product and enhance any outfit! Combined with chic blouses, knit sweaters or dresses, an exciting style break succeeds, oversized or elegant Balzer looks get a fantastic fashion upgrade through the trendy ear jewelry. Creoles are at the forefront of this trend, which is why the Dextera creoles from Swarovski are an absolute must-have piece. Complexly detailed yet confident, the medium sized creoles make a modern statement. Delicate white crystals in gold-tone settings accentuate the industrial-inspired design that perfectly complements the rest of the Dextera collection.

Wedding dress Victoria Swarovski

The wedding dress of Victoria Swarovski is a true fairy tale dream and belongs with 800,000 euros to one of the most expensive wedding gowns in the world. The breathtaking dress convinces on top with a transparent long-sleeved bodice, trimmed with filigree lace, stones and flowers. From the waist down, a pompous skirt, also trimmed with lace, flowers and numerous Swarovski stones, ensures great enthusiasm. A dress that you will not forget so quickly. No wonder with the five-meter train and 500,000 Swarovski stones. The designer Michael Cinco from Dubai, who is known for his Cinderella dresses, has created a dreamlike 46-kilogram special design that will not be available again so quickly. The civil wedding took place in the posh Austrian resort of Kitzbühel in private. There she wore one of her freshly tailored dirndls. The church wedding followed a month later in Trieste, Italy, in an unforgettable wedding gown.


Swarovski is known for extraordinary and breathtaking campaigns. Learn more about Swarovski campaigns with stars like Victoria and Paulina Swarovski, as well as Karli Kloss.

Brilliant inspiration

Karli Kloss and seven other big names from the fashion industry present the current Swarovski campaign “Brilliant Inspiration”. The campaign stands for one thing above all: diversity. The models were photographed by photographer Tim Walker. Karli Kloss is staged in front of a neural white background, so that the sparkling Swarovski stones are impressively shown to advantage. Edward Enninful, Isamaya Ffrench, as well as fashion designers Jason Wu and Thom Browne are also part of the campaign. They were all immortalized in potrait images.

Valentine’s campaign

Professional marketing in this day and age – Swarovski knows how to do it. The jewelry label is launching a 10-day campaign on Instagram to promote its new Valentine’s Day collections. The campaign runs under the motto “Sparks of Love” and conveys the message of spreading love in all its forms. The company’s fine craftsmanship and exclusive innovations have made it a global brand. Each and every product embodies the vision of creating “a diamond for everyone.” The idea behind the Valentine’s Day campaign ,to spread love in all its forms, be it between friends, love partners, family members or parents. Spark of Love encourages customers to choose from their diverse range of exclusive gifts to express the feeling of love.

Flagship Store

From a yellow lifestyle upper floor of crystal, the second floor of pink to a completely green crystal library on the first floor. A dream made of full of fantasy and play.


Exclusive interview with Victoria Swarovski. Learn more about the life of a real Swarovski woman!

Interview – Victoria Swarovski

Victoria Swarovski loves Christmas. In her eye the best time of the year to celebrate the feast of love in front of everyone. The only day when the whole family meets. From breakfast to putting together jewelry, where Victoria’s father enjoys a glass of champagne is everything. Here you can see the whole interview in full: