Fossil Videos: Gen 6, leather bags, charms and personalized smartwatch

Fossil – Top videos of the high-quality and popular jewelry and bag brand. Personalized wristwatches, classic leather bags, the latest smartwatches, most beautiful charms for necklaces and bracelets, wallets and more. The most beautiful accessories for women and men from Fossil!

Women: Watches, leather bags and jewelry

Wrist watches, necklaces and handbags made of chic elegant leather. The accessories for women from the high-quality brand Fossil are timeless and diverse. Here are the most beautiful products for her at a glance!

Top 20 Watches for Women

These are the most beautiful wrist watches from Fossil in gold, rose gold, silver and leather for women:

  1. Fossil Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch
  2. Fossil Stella Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch
  3. Fossil Tailor Analog Grey Dial Women’s Watch
  4. Fossil Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch
  5. Fossil Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch
  6. Fossil Tailor Analog Grey Dial Women’s Watch
  7. Fossil Charter Hybrid Hr Smartwatch White Dial Women’s Watch
  8. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Stainless Steel Touchscreen Women’s Smartwatch
  9. Fossil Carlie Mini Analog Multi-Colour Dial Women’s Watch.
  10. Fossil Riley Analog White & Beige Dial Women’s Watch.
  11. Fossil Analog Multi-Colour Dial Women’s Watch.
  12. Fossil Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch.
  13. Fossil Analog Beige Dial Women’s Watch.
  14. Fossil Analog Brown Dial Women’s Watch.
  15. Fossil Analog Mother of Pearl Dial Women’s Watch.
  16. Fossil Women’s Sport Metal and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch
  17. Fossil Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch.
  18. Fossil Analog Black Dial Women’s Watch.
  19. Fossil Jacqueline Analog White Dial Women’s Watch.
  20. Fossil Carlie Mini Analog Multi-Colour Dial Women’s Watch.

How do I properly care for my leather bag?

You wonder how to properly care for your leather bag from Fossil, so that it stays with you for a long time? We show it to you! In the video there are the best tips and tricks for your leather bag.

The most beautiful jewelry to give as a gift

Fossil jewelry is very popular among women. Therefore, it is also a perfect gift for Christmas, for example, that is personal and stays with you forever. More than 30 charms from which you can choose for your necklace, bracelet or both.

Men: men watches, wallet and silver bracelet

Fossil offers a wide range of attractive and elegant jewelry, watches and wallets for men. We make it easy for you and show you the bestsellers for men.

Top 5 men watches from Fossil

Looking for a new watch from Fossil? We present you the five best, which are the best value for money. These are the most beautiful watches for men from Fossil!

The wallet for him

Moving on, here are the top 5 wallets for men. Chic designs in leather are classic, simple, durable and go with any look. Get your new wallet now.

Stylish silver bracelet

Fossil also offers jewelry for him in versatile designs, yet they remain classic and true to their elegance. The silver bracelets for men, for example, are one of Fossil’s best sellers.

Commercials: Gen 6 and personalized smartwatch

The latest products and variants of personalization of smartwatches from Fossil, we present to you here. Don’t miss the cool features of the next generation watches!

The new Gen 6

It’s the latest of the latest – Fossil introduces the trendy Gen 6 smartwatch!

  • Stylish design for him and her
  • Fast loading
  • Phone
  • Wear OS at Google
  • Sports functions

Decide yourself about the design of your smartwatch

At Fossil, you can choose from so many designs or have your own personalized watch made. Choose your number plate and more. Your Fossil – your style!

More about Gen 6 and smartwatch setup

Here are two explanatory videos for all watch owners. This is how the Gen 6 from Fossil works and how to set up your new smartwatch!

How do I set up my smartwatch?

You’ve just bought the new smartwatch from Fossil and want to get started right away? The video shows you how to set up your smartwatch so that you can use all the functions of the trendy watch.

What can the Gen 6 really do?

Learn what Gen 6 can do in this video!

  • High Speeds
  • Hard Specs
  • Soft Wear