Legs – training and workouts for women: Tight legs & 10 exercises

Leg workout – Many people think that it is enough to run or ride a bike a little every now and then in order to shape the legs optimally. But this is not quite true. In addition to cardio sessions, it is also important to train with your own body weight or additional weights. Everything you need for toned legs you have with you. You can achieve a lot and build muscle with just your body weight. Short and intense workouts at home let you do your exercise routine anywhere and anytime. Trained legs not only look good, but also improve your posture and provide more stability. If you want to increase your workout, you can train optimally with weights that you can find at home. These leg workouts are perfect if you want to become a model in Berlin, Cologne or Milan, for example. You train with these exercises the optimal figure for your model career. Get inspired by our workout routine for legs. Back to the workout guide.

Lower body workout for toned legs

Everyone wants to reach their goals as quickly and effectively as possible. That’s why it’s time for a 2-week challenge where you work intensively on your legs. All you have to do is take 13 minutes every day to get closer to your dream body in just 2 weeks. In this video by Chloe Ting, you can expect a variety of exercises that are guaranteed to make you sweat.

  • 00:52 Cursty Jump
  • 01:56 Squats
  • 08:16 Squat Side Kick
  • 09:53 Rainbow

12 minutes leg workout with Pamela Reif

It’s hard to imagine fitness withoutPamela Reif for home workouts. The focus is on leg and butt training. Many exercises target the inner and outer thighs, and there’s also a bit of calf training. By the way, you can also train your legs optimally while cycling. With this workout you need neither equipment nor much space. Get toned and shaped legs together with Pamela Reif.

  • 00:14 Sumo Squats
  • 01:15 Pulse Lungs
  • 07:14 Plank with leg lift
  • 10:13 Lift leg

Miley Cyrus workout for beautiful legs

Learn from fitness trainer Rebecca Louise how to get toned and defined legs in a short time, just like Miley Cyrus. Watch exercises now that will help you achieve success.

Intensive training for the lower body

Get ready for your killer leg workout. Explosive exercises await you to build muscle, burn calories and lose fat.

Workout Tips: Butt and more

Each of us should keep fit regularly to strengthen the health and the body. With us you will find everything around the topic of fitness, whether exercises for the back, the abdomen or the legs. Get inspired by our workout plans and get fit for the summer.