Legs – training and workouts for men: success & summer figure

Leg Training – Leg training is an important part of training success for men. It always depends on what personal goal you are pursuing, whether you want to have particularly muscular or rather slim, defined legs. One thing is for sure with regular leg training you are guaranteed to get a firmer stance, improved balance and generally have more strength for everyday movements such as jogging, climbing stairs or jumping. If you count your butt, thighs and lower legs together, your legs form the largest muscle group in your body. you work them together in many leg exercises, which in turn means that you burn a lot of calories and thus effectively lose fat. These workouts are also perfect if you want to become a model, for example, in cities like New York, Frankfurt or London. Back to the workout guide.

Intensive leg training

Want to look muscular, strong or defined? Then get your crisp leg workout for home and get fit for the summer season. It is always important to train all body regions arms, as well as back, so that a harmonious overall picture is created. So never forget the day of the legs. Try the quick workout for legs at home!

The best leg exercises for home

Wondering which are the best exercises for your legs? With us you will find the perfect leg workout for home with which you get guaranteed toned legs.

  • 0:00 Sumo squats
  • 0:49 Single Leg Heel Touch Squat
  • 1:35 Sliding Leg Curl on the Floor with Towel
  • 2:20 Split squat
  • 3:05 Bodyweight single leg deadlift
  • 3:50 Overhead squats with body weight
  • 4:35 Squat Tip Toe
  • 5:20 Quarter squat with one leg
  • 6:05 Alternating Hee Touch Side Kick Squat
  • 6:50 Sitting stretch abductors with wide leg

Your personal leg workout

Join fitness expert John for your leg workout to get fitter, as well as firmer legs.

Quick workout for slim legs

With this 10 minute workout you will get slim and toned legs in no time.

Workout Tips: Full body and more

More workout tips! Here is more about workouts and fitness. Besides the back, it is also important to work the whole body. Also, more workouts and workouts for men.