Abdominal – training and workouts for men: common mistakes & 10 exercises

Abdominal Training – Just about every man dreams of a six-pack. To achieve this, it is important that you build up the abdominal muscle with continuous workouts and pay attention to your diet. Only sit ups or crunches alone are not enough, it is important that a constant stimulus is there, this you achieve for example with dumbbells, or alternatively water bottles. With this you create the muscular foundation for your further training. In this article we have picked out some videos for training the abdomen for you. These workouts are perfect if you want to become a model in Düsseldorf, Cologne or London. You train with these exercises the perfect belly. Back to the workout guide.

Quick abdominal workout for home

With abdominal exercises, everyone can get closer to their dream of a six-pack at home or in the gym, prevent back pain and improve their posture. Find the 20 best exercises for beginners in this video.

Intensive abdominal workout – 20 minutes

You finally want a trained belly for the summer? Then check out this detailed home workout and try it out for yourself.

Typical abdominal workout mistakes

The desire for a flat stomach or a six-pack can only come true with intelligent abdominal training. What you should pay attention to and what is important, you will learn in the following video. For example, the breathing technique during training is an essential point, because with incorrect breathing you achieve little success.

Effective exercises for a six pack

In this video we will show you some exercises that you can do every morning to get one step closer to your dream of a six pack.

Workout tips: Legs and more

More workout tips! Here you can find more about workouts and fitness. Besides the arms, especially the legs are not to be neglected. Also, more training and workouts for men.