Belly – training and workouts for women: Sixpack & Beginner Exercises

Abdominal Training – Sixpack and Beginner Exercises. Many women dream of a toned and athletic abdomen. But how do you do it? With regular and effective training of the complete abdominal muscles, as the front, side and rear muscles, you strengthen your middle and it also forms a beautiful waist. A trained belly makes optically quite what. Abdominal training is also highly recommended for health reasons. In addition to nutrition, training also plays a major role in achieving a flat stomach. In this article, we will show you which exercises train your belly most effectively, from beginner workouts to intense six-pack workouts, as well as typical belly workout mistakes. These abdominal workouts are perfect if you want to become a model in Düsseldorf, Cologne or Paris, for example. You train with these exercises the optimal figure for your model career. Back to the workout guide.

Abdominal workout for beginners – 10 minutes without equipment

Everyone starts somewhere and most other workouts require strong core muscles. That’s why Pamela Reif shows you an ab workout that is suitable for beginners and still super effective. In this video you’ll find many basic abdominal workout exercises again, like crunches and touching your heels.

Intensive six pack workout – 15 minutes

Go for the belly fat! With these abdominal exercises, you will not only lose belly fat, but also strengthen your body’s core in the long term. This workout starts with focused and slow exercises: for the lower, upper and side abs. Then continue with plank movements to increase our overall core strength, and to work up a little sweat!

3 Typical abdominal workout mistakes

You train your belly regularly and still it is not flat? If you avoid these three mistakes in your abdominal training, you should quickly achieve great results:

  • You stress your body center too little
  • You breathe wrong
  • You do not train evenly

The killer workout for your belly

Make sure your lower back is flat on the mat, lower your legs as much as possible so your lower back doesn’t lift off the mat. The most important think about your abs, because it’s all about the connection between mind and muscles!

Workout tips: Legs and more

More workout tips! Here is more about workouts and fitness. Besides the abdomen, especially the legs are not to be neglected. Also, more workouts and workouts for women.