Pamela Reif – Training and Workouts: Belly, Legs, Butt & Dance Videos

Pamela Reif – She is the queen of home workouts for abdomen, legs, buttocks and total body training. The fitness influencer convinces with over 8 million followers on Instagram and not only with her super likeable manner, but also with her well-toned body, which she regularly puts in the limelight. In addition, she is known for her honesty and her commitment to a realistic body image, she encourages many of her fans. Meanwhile, Pamela Reif has created her own fitness empire. On her blog “AboutPam” she gives tips in the areas of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and sports. In addition, she launched her own book “Strong&Beautiful” on the market in 2017, followed two years later by the second entitled “You Deserve This”. She is a real all-rounder talent. Nevertheless, her lifestyle demands a lot of discipline, because for Pamela, too, nothing comes from nothing. We have compiled the most popular Pamela Reif videos for you with which you can get in top shape. This workout plan is especially suitable if you want to become a model in Berlin, Cologne or Paris, for example. You train with these exercises the optimal figure for your model career. Back to the overview of fitness influencers.

Train ABs correctly

Pamela Reif is known for her six-pack workouts, which is exactly why she has developed another workout for the abdomen. This workout has it all, you will sweat even more, it will burn even more, but you will feel even better afterwards. You don’t only want to train your belly in the best way, but you also want to take care of it? Here you come to the best abdominal care tips.

Full Body Workout

No more excuses! You can do this full-body workout whenever and wherever you want. You need neither equipment nor weights. All muscle groups of your body are addressed and will make you sweat like you haven’t in a long time.

Booty get in shape properly with Pamela Reif

A short but intense butt workout to really shape your butt. You don’t need equipment or weights, so no more excuses. Get started!

Dance workout – sweating guaranteed!

This workout is all about pure “Happiness”. The video is full of songs that were popular in the 2010s, from Try Me by Jason Derulo to Shape of you by Ed Sheeran, everything is there to put a big smile on your face. You’re guaranteed to work up a sweat, but have just as much fun.

Abdominal workout for beginners

Everyone starts somewhere and that’s why Pamela Reif has developed a workout that is suitable for beginners and also super effective. She has even built in breaks, but if you do not need a break just repeat the last exercise again. Try this workout and don’t miss it.

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