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Creator & Influencer Collaboration: 22 Tips – Learn here why working with influencers can be so valuable for fashion companies and how they can benefit from increasing reach, credibility, targeting, increasing sales, improving brand image, cost effectiveness and increasing online presence. In addition, you’ll get 22 creative tips for videos in which content creators incorporate fashion and brand to promote their products on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & more. Whether it’s outfit options, accessories, must-have products or the right colors, these tips will help you create an interesting and engaging marketing campaign and showcase your products to a wider audience.

Little tips for everyday marketing! An interview with the TikTok Pros from our social media agency.

Why Creator & Influencer at all?

Collaboration between a brand and an influencer (also called a creator) can have many benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Increase the range
  2. Credibility
  3. Target group approach
  4. Sales increase
  5. Improved brand image
  6. Cost-effectiveness
  7. Increase online presence

Increase the range

Influencers often have a large number of followers, which allows the brand to increase its reach quickly and effectively.


When an influencer speaks positively about a product, it is perceived as more credible and authentic than when the brand promotes the product itself.

Target group approach

Influencers often have a very specific audience, which allows the brand to target their audiences and sell their products to those groups.

Sales increase

When an influencer positively promotes the brand’s products, it can lead to an increase in revenue and sales.

Improved brand image

By working with influencers who have a positive image, the brand image can be improved and the brand is perceived more positively by the public.


Compared to traditional advertising campaigns, working with influencers can be more cost-effective and still have a big impact on the target audience.

Increase online presence

When an influencer posts on social media platforms like TikTok, it can help increase the brand’s online presence and improve its visibility in search results.

22 Tips! Promotion with Content Creator / Influencer

Direct and spontaneous without going directly into high fashion or street wear, what would be 22 tips you can share for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Co?

Here are 22 tips for creative videos where content creators bring in the fashion/brand:

  1. Show different outfit options that you can create with your brand
  2. Use stop motion to show your products in action
  3. Make a video about how to wear different accessories
  4. Show how to combine a specific garment to create different looks
  5. Make a tutorial video showing how to wear a certain hairstyle or makeup with an outfit
  6. Share your favorite looks of the season and how to wear them
  7. Give tips on outfit planning for different occasions, such as weddings or business meetings
  8. Show how to recycle or reuse garments
  9. Take part in TikTok challenges that revolve around fashion and beauty
  10. Make a video about how to properly wash and care for clothes
  11. Show users how to properly store and organize their clothes
  12. Use text overlays to share important information about your brand or products
  13. Make a video about how to combine different patterns, for example, stripes and checks
  14. Give tips on choosing the right colors for different skin types and occasions
  15. Create a video that shows behind the scenes of your brand and how the products are made
  16. Show users how to make a particular accessory themselves, for example, a bag or a scarf
  17. Make a video about how to fit a garment for different body types
  18. Share a list of must-have products for any season or occasion
  19. Make a video about how to repair clothes
  20. Show users how to wear different shoes with one outfit

So, we need two more, let me think for a second:

  1. Give tips on buying clothes that are durable and sustainable
  2. Make a video about how to put together an outfit for different seasons

22x Thanks for your answers! This will surely help some to improve or even start their collaboration! Merci!

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