Full body – training and workouts for women: Chloe Ting & Cardio

Full Body Training – Cardio Training and Workouts. For a well-toned body, you don’t have to spend half an eternity in the gym, you just need to know the right exercises. Really effective is a full-body workout with hit sessions and intense circuit training. In a full-body workout, several muscle groups are addressed and trained at the same time, so you can achieve much better results in a short time. With a workout you not only set new muscle stimuli, but also stimulate your fat burning to a maximum. Best of all, you can do the exercises at home and start right away. These workouts are perfect if you want to become a model in Düsseldorf, Cologne or Paris. You train with these exercises the optimal figure for your model career. Back to the workout guide.

Two weeks Full Body Challenge

Warm up with a small cardio session beforehand, for example you can run or jump rope for 10 minutes. After that you can start your full body workout, which will help you either lose weight or define your body.

20 Minutes Full Body Workout – Pamela Reif

All you need is you! No equipment and no devices. Pamela Reif knows how to do it and will help you achieve your perfect body if you do the workouts regularly and consistently. Each exercise lasts only 30 seconds, plus there are two 1-minute rest periods. You can do this workout perfectly two to three times a week, because your muscles need enough time to recover.

Dance workout in 15 minutes

Many women stop exercising or don’t stick with it because they don’t really enjoy it. But that’s exactly what Pamela Reif wants to change by bringing out a dance workout to oldies music. Experience a journey through time from the 60s to the 200s together with Pamela Reif.

  • Light/classic entry with Curties Mayfield / 70s
  • Funky/sexy to Aretha Franklin / 6o’s music
  • Robot choreo to snap / 90s music
  • Sweaty choreo to Madonna / 2000s

20 minutes of intense full body workout

For this workout you need no equipment and only your body!

Workout Tips: Endurance and more

Each of us should keep fit regularly to strengthen the health and the body. With us you will find everything around the topic of fitness, whether exercises for the back, the abdomen or the legs. Get inspired by our workout plans and get fit for the summer.