Arms – training and workouts for men: biceps & triceps exercises

Arm Training – The most effective biceps and triceps exercises. Especially as a man, trained arms make a powerful impression, because muscular arms symbolize strength and security. Arm training also brings other benefits besides good looks, because the workout also makes you stronger and able to lift heavy things. The workouts in this article are perfect if you want to become a model in Düsseldorf, Cologne or Paris, for example. You will train the optimal arms for your modeling career with these exercises. In this article we present you three useful workouts for beautiful arms. Back to the workout guide.

Quick workout for toned arms

In this 5 minute workout you will learn different exercises for your arm training. For example, if you do this workout every morning before you go to work, you will quickly see progress.

Biceps and triceps workout – 10 minutes

They provide support for any number of strength exercises and everyday movements – and they look great, too: strong upper arms. In this 10 minute video we show you 15 ultimate exercises that maximize your biceps and triceps muscles, we show here.

Typical mistakes during arm training

Many men make typical mistakes over and over again when training their arms. These mistakes lead to the fact that you can hardly build muscles on the arms. In this video we have picked out the most important mistakes with the appropriate solutions.

  • Vary the angle often
  • Better results for the muscles that are trained at the beginning of a training day
  • Maintain good form and mind-muscle-connection
  • Enough pauses between sets. 2 minutes seems to be the ideal value

Workout Tips: Belly and more

More workout tips! Here is more about workouts and fitness. Besides the arms, especially the abdomen is not to be neglected. Also, more workouts and workouts for men.