Sports: Boxing, Football, Volleyball & Tennis

Sports – Your body can be trained not only in the gym or with the help of workouts, because there are a variety of sports that are not only fun, but they also keep you fit and promote your endurance. There are many different types of sports, so for everyone there is a sport that you enjoy. In this article you will be introduced to some sports and learn all the benefits of each sport, from boxing to volleyball everything is included. These workouts are perfect if you want to become a model in Düsseldorf, Cologne or Paris, for example. You train with these exercises the optimal figure for your model career. Back to the workout guide.

Boxing: Workout for beginners

Boxing is a great sport. Because in boxing almost all muscle groups are trained and you get a good body tension. Also trained are your coordination, strength, endurance and reflexes. In boxing are trained by the frequent punches in addition to your arms, your shoulder and torso muscles. In addition, boxing is very varied, as there are several variants of boxing. These include kickboxing and Thai boxing.

Here you will find a boxing workout video that is perfect for beginners:

Soccer: endurance training, muscle building and team spirit

The popular ball sport soccer is also a very good sport that promotes endurance and is good for the cardiovascular system. In addition, your condition will be improved by soccer training by a lot. While playing soccer, some muscle groups are trained. These include thigh muscles, the glutes and abdominal muscles on. If you don’t like to train alone, the team sport is perfect for you.

Here you will find a soccer workout training video that is perfect for beginners:

Tennis: full body and endurance training

The sport of tennis trains not only the leg and arm muscles, but also the thigh and calf muscles, as well as the abdominal, shoulder, back and buttock muscles. It also trains strength and endurance.

In this video you can see how the tennis training can look like:

Volleyball: slimming and training

Volleyball is a popular team sport that works your back, legs, arms and body tension. Volleyball also improves coordination and reaction time. In addition, volleyball is a great sport that burns a lot of calories and fat.

Workout Tips: Arms, abdomen and more

More workout tips! Here you can find more about workouts and fitness. To stay fit, it is important to use the whole body, which works great with endurance training. Also more training and workouts for men.