Chloe Ting – training and workouts: warm up, abdomen, arms, legs

Chloe Ting – The fitness YouTuber was born in Brunei and moved to Melbourne in Australia at the age of 16. In 2021, Ting left Melbourne and moved permanently to Singapore. Before starting a YouTube channel, Ting worked as an actuary. Ting started her YouTube channel in 2011 when she was still working in the statistics industry. Originally, her posts were about fashion and travel, but in 2017, her channel focused entirely on fitness. Chloe’s YouTube channel now has over 22.6 million subscribers. These workouts are perfect if you want to become a model in Berlin, Cologne or Milan, for example. You train with these exercises the optimal figure for your modeling career…. In this article we show you the top 5 videos from Chloe’s channel. Back to the overview of fitness influencers.

Abdominal Workout Challenge with Chloe Ting

This video titled “Get Abs in Two Weeks” from August 2019 went viral after other bloggers and vloggers tried the workouts shown in it. In October 2020, the video had 220 million views and today it has as many as 422 million views, making it by far the most clicked video on her channel. In this workout challenge from YouTuber Chloe Ting, you’ll find the optimal exercises to get a much tighter tummy within two weeks. You want not only a top trained belly, but also a well-groomed one? Then be sure to check out the best belly care tips.

Lose weight – Challenge to lose weight

Summer is coming soon. It’s time to start your workout to get a beautiful body for summer. The weight loss challenge with Chloe Ting will help you! But even the best workout challenge to lose weight won’t help you if you don’t eat healthy. Therefore, inform yourself about the perfect healthy diet. The following exercises are part of the challenge:

  • Planks
  • Burpees
  • Raise knee
  • Reclining support

Warm up routine before the workout

You can easily incorporate this quick warm-up routine before any workout. Arm circles, lounges and touching the tops of your feet are some of the exercises in this video from YouTuber Chloe Ting.

Slim Waist and Round Butt Workout

To get an hourglass figure, you need to train especially the waist and buttocks. Choe shows you in this video the best exercises for a narrow waist and a round butt.

Workout for arms – 10 minutes

If you would like to have toned arms, then it is enough to train your arms two to three times a week. Even with one intensive session you can already achieve visible results.

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