Mad Fit – Training and Workouts: TikTok, Belly & Yoga

Mad Fit – When time is short, you need a workout that’s quick yet effective. Fitness influencer Maddie Lymburner knows how to train the body properly. It’s not for nothing that she has millions of clicks on her YouTube channel. The Canadian YouTube star has gained fame through plant-based diets, lifestyle vlogs and travelogues. But her main focus is now on her fitness account “MadFit.” She’s a great role model when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. These workouts are perfect if you want to become a model in Düsseldorf, Cologne or London, for example. You train with these exercises the optimal figure for your model career. Get inspired! Back to the overview of fitness influencers.

15 minutes TikTok dance workout

Instead of scrolling through your phone and watching hundreds of TikTok videos, try the dance workout with the most popular TikTok sounds.

Lower abdominal muscles – lose belly fat

A 10-minute abdominal workout to strengthen your lower abdominal muscles. You can expect numerous exercises, such as leg lifts, crunches and hip raises.

Stretch Workout

You are not flexible and would like to become more flexible in your body? Then you should definitely try this workout to make yourself fitter and more limber.

Yoga session – stress relief

You are in the everyday stress? At work it’s getting too much again or you’re in a marathon of exams? Then this yoga class is just the right thing for you to free yourself from all the stress and recharge your batteries.

With upper body training to toned arms

Tone, sculpt and build your muscles in the arms, chest, back and shoulders. All you need are dumbbells to start your workout. Don’t have dumbbells at home? No problem, you can easily do this workout with full water bottles.

Fitness Influencer: Pamela Reif, Heather Robertson and more

Are you interested in the fitness sector and do you like to be inspired by people? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the best fitness influencers who will accompany you on your journey to your dream figure.