United Colors of Benetton Videos: Commercials, Interviews & Campaigns

United Colors of Benetton Videos – The Italian fashion brand was once founded with the idea of producing fashionable knitwear for a young clientele. The brand puts a lot of emphasis on inclusion and sustainability, which is also reflected in its campaigns. Just like the brands Gap, H&M and Zara, the brand is now internationally known. Learn more about United Colors of Benetton ‘s collections for women, men and children, campaigns and collaborations in this article. Also: interview with designer Stella Jean.

Summer & winter fashion for him and her

In the collections you will find a wide range of colorful dresses, individual jackets and casual outdoor styles for women and men. The fall / winter collection shows the connection to nature with extraordinary colors and lines. Whereas the summer collection focuses on colorful and flashy designs.

Fall / Winter Collection: Comfortable yet stylish

A charming collection with an eco-friendly heart for nature, distinctive colors and lines. And an unconventional touch for a soft winter style. Discover the fall-winter collection.

United Colors of Benetton summer fashion

Women have an adventurous spirit. Their summer is all about pastel shades. Men dream of new journeys, with light, rounded and casual looks on their back. Discover the trendy summer collection from Benetton.

Children collection for the warm summer days

Colorful, casual and trendy – the world of Benetton is a place of freedom where everyone does what makes them happy: read Snoopy comics to laugh, roar like a lion to make themselves heard, make the highest jump in basketball. Cool prints, fishing hats and much more await you in the summer kids collection.

Integration campaign: fashion overcomes borders

Oliviero Toscani’s new Benetton campaign takes up a theme that has long been close to the Benetton brand’s heart: Integration. “Integration is an important issue in our world today,” says the photographer. “The future will depend on how and to what extent we use our intelligence to integrate with others and overcome fears.”

Interview with designer Stella Jean

It is a debut in the more than 50 years old history of Benetton: For the first time, the traditional Italian label launches a collaboration collection and chose for this idea, the Roman designer Stella Jean – and thus also an ally who shares Benetton’s social commitment. Because today the designer is known for her multiculturally inspired designs, which are also communication tools for her.

Collaboration: Depop & Woolmark

Benetton has collaborated with two particular brands. First, the Depop brand, which has the common core values of diversity, inclusion and sustainability. The other is Woolmark, the world authority on wool.

Benetton x Depop

A collaboration that celebrates shared core values: Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability. An encounter marked by the revolutionary nature of Benetton and the energy and expressiveness of Depop’s creative community. The collection includes garments that express the soul of Benetton and the central role of color. Rugby polos, sweatshirts with color blocks, denim jackets with patchwork design, sweaters with diamond pattern and shorts in linen.

Benetton x Woolmark

The quality research that goes into our knitwear has always been part of our DNA, a stable force for excellence in our wool. For fall-winter, United Colors of Benetton presents its partnership with The Woolmark Company, the world authority on wool.

More about United Colors of Benetton

Here are even more facts and info about the United Colors of Benetton brand.

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H&M: Mom jeans, satin dress & donut vase

The Swedish fashion chain Hennes and Mauritz – H&M for short – was founded in 1947 by Erling Persson in Västeras, Sweden. The textile trading company offers clothing, accessories and shoes for women, men and children via retail stores, as well as via the online store worldwide. The concept behind the brand is to produce constantly updated fashion at affordable prices. H&M belongs to one of the world’s largest distribution groups in the fashion industry, Inditex and generates annual sales of $24.8 billion. The fashion brand H&M is increasingly focusing on developing in topics such as sustainability. Here you can find collections of H&M with fashion shows and commercials.

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