Joop: Designer Brand, Perfume, GNTM & Paris Fashion Week

Joop – Wolfgang Joop, who doesn’t know him? The talented fashion designer with heart. If he is not known to you as an internationally successful designer, then from TV. The fashion lover made the fashion brand what it is today. Known worldwide and popular on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week. Everything you need to know about the designer, fashion, products and brand, you will learn here.

5 facts about the fashion brand Joop!

You want to be a model? Then you should know this designer. Everything you need to know about the fashion brand that Wolfgang Joop created, you can find out here.

Success through perfume products – Fact 1

Joop! was founded in 1986 by the German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg. Particularly popular were and still are the numerous perfume products of the brand, which made the name Joop! big. So the fashion company that has now become a lifestyle brand, then also produced upscale women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, home textiles and children’s fashion. Since 2008, Joop! has been a brand of the Kreuzlingen-based Holy Fashion Group.

Wolfgang Joop: Designer & Journalist – Fact 2

The start of Wolfgang Joop’s career was a fashion competition organized by the German magazine Constanze, where he participated with his wife Karin in 1970 and won the first three prizes. These prizes opened doors for Joop into the fashion industry. Such as the job as fashion editor at the women’s magazine Neue Mode, which he did until 1971, when he decided to work independently or as a freelance journalist and designer.

Joop’s fashion on Paris catwalks – Fact 3

The Joop fashion brand has long made a name for itself internationally. Whether in Berlin, Paris, or New York. Everyone has heard of the “Prussian Designer” Wolfgang Joop, as the “New York Times” called him after the presentation of his first own fur collection, which made him internationally known. You can meet his fashion at the Paris Fashion Week, in Hamburg, Berlin as well as in New York. In the video you get an insight into the current fashion de Brands.

Juror on “Germany’s Next Topmodel” – Fact 4

For models in Paris and around the world, a dream comes true when they get to present his fashion on the catwalk for the beloved fashion designer and artist. The designer has conquered the hearts of aspiring models with his appearances on German TV on the Heidi Klum casting show“Germany’s Next Topmodel“. There he was not only a juror with many years of experience in the fashion business, but also an inspiring coach and comforter for the girls.

Joop! Homme: Bestsellers of the brand – Fact 5

This is the bestseller of the brand Joop! The Joop! Homme fragrances stand for timeless elegance and fashion consciousness. The men’s fragrances are sensual, have a masculine touch and are the perfect perfume for the confident man who knows what he wants.

All info about the designer brand Joop at a glance:

  • Success through perfume products
  • Wolfgang Joop: Designer & Journalist
  • Joop’s fashion on Paris catwalks
  • Juror on “Germany’s Next Topmodel
  • Joop! Homme: Brand bestsellers

Here you can see the logo of the fashion brand:

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