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Germany’s Next Top Model

Germany’s Next Topmodel (GNTM) ist eine deutsche Castingshow, in der zahlreiche Teilnehmerinnen um den Titel „Germany’s Next Topmodel“ kämpfen. Moderiert wird die Sendung von Topmodel Heidi Klum, die für ihre Mädchen die Rolle der „Model-Mama“ übernimmt. Ob das TV-Format wirklich wie das wahre Agenturleben ist, findest du in diesem Artikel: Ist das echte Leben als Model spannender als Germany’s Next Topmodel?

The 11th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel – now follow live on!


The goal of GNTM is to find the next top model among thousands of young, beautiful girls from all over Germany, and sometimes Austria or Switzerland. From the numerous applicants, a limited, two-digit number of candidates are selected to compete for the title of the show. The model candidates have to master various tasks, indirectly they compete against each other. These tasks, also called “challenges,” take the form of photo shoots, catwalk appearances or video shoots. The best ones get a real job with designers, magazines or similar or are let through to the next round by the jury. The shoots are different and can also be unusual, for example, the candidates have to shoot with animals, douse themselves with chocolate sauce, pose half-naked in rose petals, hang on the outside of a helicopter or decorate themselves with octopuses.

The contestants are coached by various choaches, including the judges, and well-known guest coaches, such as Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio. They learn the different catwalk styles and train hard on their own walk. They learn how to open up when posing and how to shoot professionally. Factors such as their English skills, type changes, daily body care, a simple daytime make-up or nutrition and fitness also play a big role. At the end of each episode, the jury decides which girls move on to the next round and who goes home. The decision criteria are always talent, commitment, success and development.

While the initial castings and episodes are filmed in Germany and the surrounding area, the jury selects the participants enormously. A smaller group then finally flies to Los Angeles and moves into the model villa. From there, the girls fly to different places in the world, but for the most part they stay within the USA.

The winners of the show will be signed with the model agency ONEeins, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidi Klum GmbH. The head of the model agency is heidi Klum’s father, Günther Klum.


The jury consists of Heidi Klum and two alternating jurors, who also come from the fashion industry. At the beginning of the show there were even always three jurors next to Heidi Klum. In the first season of Germany’s Next Topmodel sat Peyman Amin, Bruce Darnell and Armin Morbach next to Klum. In the second season, only one juror changed, Boris Entrup replaced Armin Morbach. From the third season, there were only two places next to Klum. Peyman Amin and Rolf Schneider were on the jury in both the third and fourth on Germany’s Next Topmodel. In the fifth season, both judges were replaced by Kristian Schuller and Qualid “Q” Ladraa. Since the sixth season, until now, Thomas Hayo occupies a jury chair next to Heidi Klum. In the sixth and seventh seasons, Thomas Rath completed the GNTM jury. In the eighth season of Germany’s Next Topmodel, Enrique Badulescu swapped places with Thomas Rath, but only stayed for one season. In the ninth season, Wolfgang Joop joined Heidi Klum and Thomas Hayo and stayed for two seasons. Who will sit next to Heidi Klum in the eleventh season in the jury is not yet determined.

Heidi’s girls – The participants

Thousands of young girls from all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria regularly apply to Germanys Next Topmodel. In the casting shows, at the beginning of the shows, the judges critically select the girls. In the following shows, the girls have to prove themselves in small challanges, get a makeover and the jury makes another big selection. When the number of contestants has reached a manageable double-digit number (e.g. Top 20, later Top 10), the jurors fly abroad with the candidates. The girls move into a model villa in the Los Angeles area, USA, and have to learn to live together. Often bitchiness arises, but friendships are formed as well.

Seasons & Winners

Season 1(2006)

The first season was won by model Lena Gerke. In addition to a car, the winner received a contract with “Face Your Brand!”. This contract stipulates that Lena Gerke will work for the model agency IMG Models and will appear on the cover of the June issue of the German Cosmopolitan. The model also hosted Austrias Next Topmodel from 2009 – 2012.

Season 2 (2007)

The second season was won by model Barbara Meier. In addition to a convertible, the red-haired winner received a contract with “Face Your Brand!”, which stipulates that she will work for IMG Models and be printed on the German Cosmopolitan. She also became the face of the new C&A campaign.

Season 3 (2008)

The third season was won by model Jennifer Hofer. Besides a sporty car, she won a contract with VW and Sony Ericsson. She traditionally graced the cover of the German Cosmopolitan and received a contract with IMG Models.

Season 4 (2009)

The third season was won by model Sara Nuru. Besides a car, the Cosmopolitan cover and a modeling contract, the exotic beauty won an advertising contract with Maybelline Jade and with C&A.

Season 5 (2010)

The fifth season won the model Alisar Ailabouni, besides a car, she signed with the model agency ONEeins, which is run by Heidi Klum’s father. Before the end of her first year of work at the agency, Alisar sued her way out of the contract and moved to New York, where she models.

Season 6 (2011)

In the sixth season, model Jana Beller won. She also received a car, the cover of the German Cosmopolitan and a contract with ONEeins, from which she quickly sued her way out, just like her predecessor. The beautiful blonde gave up modeling as her main profession and dedicated herself to a solid job.

Season 7 (2012)

The seventh season was won by model Luisa Hartema. Besides a car and the Cosmopolitan cover, she also received a modeling contract with the model agency ONEeins.

Season 8 (2013)

The eighth season was won by model Lovelyn Enebechi. She traditionally won a car, the cover of the German Cosmopolitan and a modeling contract with the agency ONEeins.

Season 9 (2014)

The ninth season was won by model Stefanie Giesinger, who is also very active on social networks. She won a car, the cover of Cosmopolitan and a contract with the model agency ONEeins.

Season 10 (2015)

The tenth season of Germany’s Next Topmodel was won by model Vanessa Fuchs. She received a car, was featured on the cover of the German Cosmopolitan and signed a modeling contract with ONEeins.

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