Belstaff: British traditional brand, history, designer & fashion

Belstaff – founded in 1924 in Stoke-on-Trent, the British luxury lifestyle brand already looks back on many years of expertise in the premium outdoor sector. The spirit of freedom, adventure and passion is in every single highly functional detail. Great personalities from sports, politics, culture and show business have shaped the unique, authentic style of the English fashion brand over the years. Today, the legendary waxed outdoor jackets are the centerpiece of the Iconic Legends collection for men and women.

“Belstaff is, at its heart, a brand for those who want to push boundaries.” – Eli Belovitch

British traditional brand for sport & lifestyle

The beginning of Belstaff’s label history is defined by the discovery of a gap in the market: Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law Harry Grosberg founded the brand in England in 1924 with the intention of offering high-quality biker looks, made thanks to an unprecedented know-how in the use of waxed leather. This is exactly what the two businessmen then put into practice: Within a few years, they are able to skillfully place their high-end motorcycle clothing on the market, not least because some male stars also put their trust in Belstaff’s professionalism and technique with Wax-Cotton and the high-quality Egyptian Wool.

The ups and downs of the cult brand Belstaff

The revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara owns one of the so-called Trialmaster leather jackets, as does the famous racing driver Sammy Miller. In 1948, the brand achieved a sensation: 40,000 models of the “Black Prince Motorcycle Jacket” were sold in just one year. Thanks to this and other success stories, Belstaff was able to hold its own in the market for decades, but then the British textile crisis shook the company. In the early 1990s, the label’s main factory had to be closed.

A few years later, the label is back on the market with a new production site in Wellingborough. The company continues to specialize in leather jackets and men’s and biker fashion, but the great success stories of the past are still a long time coming, even though Belstaff is trying to build on the earlier years by introducing new materials.

From motorcycle racing to the international catwalks

In 2011, Belstaff was taken over by a private investor – with the clear goal of bringing the brand forward again. To this end, CEO Harry Slatkin brought 45-year-old designer Martin Cooper on board. Cooper, a former student of the renowned Parsons School of Design, served as vice president and design director at Burberry from 1994 to 2010 and worked closely with Christopher Bailey. Among other things, he launched Burberry Sport. In 2003, he was accepted into the close circle of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and also designed outdoor clothing for Calvin Klein in 2003.

Within a few months, he launches a major expansion campaign alongside Harry Slatkin. In 2012, Belstaff not only returns to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, but also wins a place among the stars’ favorite labels with Brit Chic looks, accessories and ready-to-wear collections. In the same year, Belstaff opened its first stores in Milan, New York, London and Munich.

Since July 2016, Delphine Ninous has been responsible for the designs of both Belstaff’s women’s and men’s collections.

Classic must-have: leather jacket

This is a classic leather jacket from Belstaff.

Interview with David Beckham on the set of Outlaws

On location in Mexico, David Beckham talks about his experience working on Outlaws, the film from Belstaff and Legs Media, and he tells us about his inspiration for playing the mysterious motorcycle stuntman “The Stranger.”

6 facts about the brand

Here you can find some interesting facts about the Belstaff brand:

Leonardo DiCaprio in Belstaff jacket – Fact 1

  • Leonardo DiCaprio wore a Belstaff jacket in the 2004 film Aviator.

Brand ambassador was Ewan McGregor – fact 2

  • In 2008, Ewan McGregor was the official brand ambassador for Belstaff.

Composition of the label name – fact 3

  • The label name is composed of founder Eli Belovitch’s last name and the first part of the name of the place of origin, the county of Staffordshire.

Production with natural fibers – Fact 4

  • Belstaff was the only label in the 1970s that produced mainly with natural fiber fabrics.

Foundation of NPO OrchisArts – Fact 5

  • Before Martin Cooper became head designer at Belstaff, he founded the non-profit organization “OrchisArts”, which is primarily dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

Belstaff production exclusively in Europe – Fact 6

  • Belstaff production is 100% handled in Europe, mainly in Italy.

Q&A: Belstaff

From biker to Brit chic, a young style credo, a young fashion fan base and a new company history has made Belstaff a trendy brand. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Belstaff:

What is the trademark of Belstaff?

Initially, Belstaff was known for its high-quality biker and outdoor fashion. In the meantime, the label is characterized above all by modern Brit chic, clear, earthy colors and the skilful use of leather elements.

When was the brand founded?

The brand was founded in 1924 by Eli Belovitch & Harry Grosberg.

Who is the chief designer of the brand?

The head designer is Delphine Ninous.

Where is the company located?

Belstaff is headquartered in London and New York.

Which garment was sold the most?

The leather jacket was sold the most, at the brand Gant.

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