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Blauer – The name Blauer has stood for functional and high-quality clothing since the mid-1930s. To this day, wearing comfort and function are combined with style and innovation, and the logo in the form of a police badge has become the trademark of the American brand. Due to their military look, the garments of this fashion label are very popular in the biker and motorsport scene. However, a touch of elegance complements casual or work wear.

Blauer – the traditional brand from America

After Austrian Louis Blauer emigrated to America, he founded the Blauer USA fashion brand in Boston in 1935. The aim of the label was to develop functional workwear characterized by high quality and durability. However, at that time the collections were not yet available to the general public, but were made specifically for certain professions. The main customers for these garments included the Navy, the U.S. Army, the police and the White House security forces, with the Blauer brand maintaining its position as market leader in the workwear sector for over 60 years.

In 2003, the new designer Enzo Fusco reinterpreted the traditional brand to develop models for the masses. Nevertheless, the original features of the brand were not abandoned, so that the collections of Blauer continue to be characterized by their high quality and weather resistance. In this way, uniform-style garments are created, which combine the traditional cuts with a modern design. The models have an optimal fit, are body-hugging and sporty. Additional highlights such as fur trim, quilted seams or patch pockets loosen up the design without compromising wearing comfort.

Fall / Winter Collection – Campaign Video

The collection focuses on fusion not only in the cuts, but also in the fabrics that are combined to create shiny and matte effects, as in the case of nylon combined with microfiber. Textures are also often in contrast with each other, as in the case of the quilted puffer jacket covered with a vest in smooth fabric.

Blauer – fragrances rich in tradition

As a US perfume label, Blauer stands for the values that the USA itself also represents: Freedom, independence and the individual development of the individual. The brand with a military heritage is one of the most traditional manufacturers of fragrances in the USA and established itself in this country many years ago. Responsible for this are men’s fragrances and women’s fragrances, which are characterized by the harmonious composition of individual fragrance notes and above-average durability and sillage. With fragrances from Blauer. you go your own way, emphasize your individual style and show all the world your self-confidence. The label’s men’s and women’s fragrances are presented in uniquely designed, distinctive flacons. Their basic shape is always the same, but the design differs from fragrance series to fragrance series. The containers look extremely decorative due to the high-quality design.

Un1t3d Camou women fragrance

Especially in everyday life, the Eau de Toilette Spray Un1t3d Camou Woman scores with its casual wearability. The only light, therefore all the more fruity sweetness fits into the job, leisure and of course in the evening if you like. Blauer sees the wearer of the fragrance as self-confident and straightforward, she does not play, she makes announcements. She takes what she wants and does not attach importance to the fact that one puts her chair right.

Un1t3d Camou men fragrance

Simultaneously with the Eau de Toilette Un1t3d Camou Woman, the Eau de Toilette Spray Un1t3d Camou Man by Blauer. will be released in 2020. The fragrance is spicy and woody, presents itself in the slightly martial-looking bottle and is perfect for the summer with its subtle masculine presence. For the day as well as for the evening. Whether you prefer a pair of jeans, sneakers and shirt or wear a casual jacket sometimes. Blauer. underlines with this fragrance your personality as well as the desire for a well-groomed appearance with a light yet masculine fragrance.

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Armani: The elegant sports brand EA7, perfume & watches

A world famous name behind which is a man who revolutionized the fashion world. He has brought elegance and classicism to a new level. Milan, the city of fashion has become what it is today because of his works. Find out more about Armani by clicking on the link below.

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