Yoga – training and workouts for women: Routine, Self Love & Soul

Yoga exercises – exercises for your soul. An ancient system of exercises from India that helps you balance “body, mind and soul”. Yoga consists of gentle and powerful movements that strengthen the abdomen, chest and back as well as the human soul. It helps to perceive needs and experience the here and now without stress. Yoga not only improves mental and physical fitness, but can also form the basis for self-love and thus create the path to self-realization. Yoga practice helps you to recognize and develop your personal strengths by observing yourself from within, so you can define and find out your own values. Back to the training guide.

10 minutes yoga routine – stretch muscles

Stretch, stiff, tired and sore muscles with this 10-minute yoga routine. After your workout, you’ll feel boosted in confidence and self-awareness.

Yoga routine for beginners – 20 minutes

This workout is perfect for those who are absolutely new to yoga. Grab your fitness mat and start your 20-minute home workout. Bit by bit, you’ll build your yoga foundation and find out what feels good to you.

Good start to the day – Yoga with Adriene

Start your day with your 15-minute yoga routine. Stretch and strengthen yourself. One thing is guaranteed these exercises will put a lot of energy into your body to make you feel fitter and stronger.

Workout Tips: Sports and more

Each of us should keep fit regularly to strengthen the health and the body. Here you will find everything about fitness, whether exercises for the back, the abdomen or the legs. Get inspired by our workout plans and get fit for the summer.