The Top 10 Fashion Designers: Jil Sander, Karl Lagerfeld and Dorothee Schuhmacher

Top 10 Fashion Designers – Ralph Lauren said I don’t design clothes, I design dreams! The 20th century was wonderful! At least in terms of fashion, we learned a lot. Today, designers spearhead the fashion world and become fashion icons. Fashion designers have the ability to enhance the beauty of the body through stylish, modern, creative and elegant clothes. Therefore, below you will find our list of top 10 fashion designers in Germany. They have made it from legendary, prêt-à-porter fashion designs to distinctive, unique pieces – haute couture. When it comes to fashion, everyone has different preferences. We wanted to settle on 10 fashion designers – in random order. So don’t go crazy because not every famous designer is named. Here are the most popular designers in Germany. Click here to go back to the Model Guide.

The top fashion designers from Germany, from Hamburg to Munich

  1. Karl Lagerfeld
  2. Jil Sander
  3. Wolfgang Joop
  4. Annette Görtz
  5. Michael Michalsky
  6. Dorothee Schumacher
  7. Leyla Piedayesh
  8. Torsten Amft
  9. Steffen Schraut
  10. Renè Storck

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Look. The designers

Karl Lagerfeld

Jil Sander

Wolfgang Joop

Annette Görtz

Michael Michalsky

Dorothee Schumacher

Leyla Piedayesh

Torsten Amft

Steffen Schraut

Renè Storck