Ralph Lauren videos: Fashion show, polo and sports car

Ralph Lauren Videos – The polo player is the famous trademark of Ralph Lauren. He entered the fashion industry by working as a salesman in a fashion company. Later, he designed some fashion collections himself and through them got success and reputation in the fashion world. In this article you will be introduced to some impressive collections and favorite products.

Women: Summer & winter for men and women

Unusual and creative fashion shows are on Lauren’s agenda. Each show has its own personal highlight, depending on the thematic focus of each collection shown.

Winter: Motorsport on the catwalk

Ralph Lauren’s love for fast sports cars inspired this collection, for which he adopted the elements of speed and beauty of them. He did this by using high-tech patent leather and high-shine silk for his garments. Also, some sports cars decorated the catwalk of the fashion show.

Summer: fashion show for breakfast

To create a modern, glamorous and at the same time modern atmosphere for this fashion show, Ralph Lauren transformed into a bistro. Presented were strong contrasts of black, white, gold and pants with exaggerated wide leg. Also, some models wore skirts and dresses with flowing silk shapes.

Commercials: Discover your Polo

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren has some well-known and popular products. Among them are bags, jewelry, clothes and shoes. Ralph Laren fragrances are also very trendy.

Ralph Lauren for everyone

The fragrance comes in three scents, so there’s something for everyone. The green version is perfect for the classic and natural type and smells like freshly mowed lawn and peppermint. The blue version, on the other hand, is more suitable for the cool guy. The scent contains cool notes of melon, cucumber and tangerine, combined with warm and gentle basil, geranium and musk aromas. The Red fragrance is a blend of spicy red saffron, fresh red grapefruit and red cedar and is suitable for strong and dominant types.

VIPs: Pryanka Cjopra marries Ralph Lauren

At her first Met Gala, Pryanka Chopra wore a Ralph Lauren dress. Next, Lauren designed her wedding dress, which he usually designed only for his family members. For this reason, Ralph has a special place in Pryanka’s life.

Bollywood dream wedding

Pryanka Cjopra is an Indian singer and actress. The actress already attracted a lot of attention for her fancy MET Gala looks, where she already wore Ralph Lauren dresses. Also at her wedding Ralph Lauren could not be missing. For this Pryanka had a special dress designed by Lauren for two million US dollars.

Janelle Monae performs for Lauren

The US soul and funk singer Janelle Monae not only performed at some Ralph Lauren events, but is also still brand ambassadors for Ralph Lauren and wore Ralph Lauren suits at the beginning of her career. Now these are her trademark.

Interviews: Laurent on sports cars and fashion

The preference of the fashion designer, to fast and beautiful cars is not unknown. His private car collection, ranging from vintage cars to racing cars to modern hypercars.

Fashion collection inspired by racing cars

This interview features not only Ralph Lauren’s impressive sports car collection, but also some questions about his life and how his cars inspire him to create collections.

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