3 Tips for Business Registration – Become a Model under 18?

You want to become a model and register your own business at the age of 14, 15 or 16? In the big article on the topic of registering a business (small business) for models, we already took a detailed look at the registration and taxation of jobs. Today we’re going to give you a few more tips if you’re still underage yourself! As a model you have to register as a self-employed person because the job is not a regular activity. You are not employed by modeling agencies in the traditional sense and are therefore self-employed. Registering a business is not as easy for teenagers and a bit more complex than for adult models aged 18 or over. We show you the most important steps if you want to earn money as a model in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich or Berlin. You can find more tips here: Become a Model.

Informal letter to the district court with info about the model job

First, you send an informal letter to the district court. Here you describe what you want to do and how many hours per day you will work and how much money you want to earn. In addition, you need the permission of your parents or legal guardians with signature. As a model you will not work every day, especially if you are young and still in school. Therefore, it is better to give a general number of hours per month. If you do two jobs a month, that’s about 12-16 hours. Earnings vary depending on the job. Showrooms pay less, but they are not connected with media. You only present fashion to a small group of customers or buyers. With campaigns, however, you earn a lot of money quickly. That’s why you should read the paragraph about maximum profit at the end, because if you earn too much, your child benefit can be cancelled.

Guardianship court and legal capacity

As a rule, you will receive an answer within one to two weeks and will be referred to the guardianship court, which will then also carry out a review of your full legal capacity. Here it is checked whether you are up to the job and whether you can be granted full legal capacity. Therefore, it is worthwhile to write good grades in school, which shows that you are motivated and perform well. This way you can be expected to do a “demanding” job. You can also ask questions about the trade and registration here at any time.

Business registration for model jobs

With permission from the guardianship court, you can now go to your local office and register your business. A tip: Register here as a small business owner. When you register, take all the important information and papers with you. You can read about how this works here in the Model Blog or in the article Small Business for Models. Next you will get your tax number. This can take a little longer, sometimes up to two months, depending on the capacity of the tax office. At the end, another very important topic for you: child benefit.

Profit, income and child benefit

The figures may differ slightly, depending on the current status of the law. Roughly, however, you can remember that you only have a certain tax-free amount. You should keep to this, because more profit has consequences for you. With something over 7000.00 euros in the year (approx. 7180.00 euros) you ran out your requirement on child benefit. In addition, you would come from about 7400.00 euros a year in the taxation. That means, you have to pay a part of the further, surplus profit as income tax to the state. In addition, you have to insure yourself against illness.

Model Application at CM – Tips & Help

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Tip: Take your own measurements

Here you can see all the important points on your body to take your measurements yourself. Make sure that you wear as little clothing as possible when measuring and be honest with yourself when measuring! More information about minimum measurements and proportions for models can be found here:

Too small, too big, too sporty?

For high fashion and haute couture there are clear guidelines for models, especially for new faces. If you deviate from the measurements, you still have many opportunities in the commercial field. Commercial deals with everything that is “promotional”, from online shops to TV and YouTube videos.

When am I a Curvy Model?

Curvy models in women with a clothing size that lies between 42 and 44. The cup size is also much larger and can definitely go up to a G cup. Curvy models are very popular, just like plus size models, as they are most appealing to the measurements of an average woman. The average woman in Europe has a clothing size of 44, which means that even Curvy Models are only in the general average with an average clothing size of 42 to 44. Also as a Curvy Model we are very happy about your application in our model agency.

Tip: Take your own photos (Polaroids)

Poses and outfits, do you need that? No! We want to see you 100% natural! This is how you make your perfect model polaroids yourself. The agency needs the following pictures of you:

  • A full body picture from the front (photographed frontally)
  • A full body picture from the side
  • A full body picture from behind (because of the hair length)
  • A photo of your face (frontal)
  • A photo of your profile
  • Read more: Model Photo / Polaroid

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