Model Agency Fitness

Do you need a special model agency for fitness and sport models? Many ask themselves the question whether it is worthwhile to go to a special sports model agency. First of all, it is important to know your own clothing sizes and to be able to assess them for the market. On the other hand, it is important to assess whether you can only model for the fitness area or whether you can also function as a fashion model. If you can serve two areas, it is of course absolutely advantageous for you, as you can accept more castings and jobs. But what does that mean?

Sized clothing for Fitness Models

It can never be so exactly determined on the basis of body measurements whether someone can only work for the fitness model area or also for the fashion model area. There are some fashion models who are very well trained. Usually you would say, however, as soon as you no longer see your body as defined but as trained, you are usually beyond the fashion model area. As I said, however, this is not a clear line but a flowing transition. If you are interested in fashion, you should definitely apply to a model agency.

Difference between job requests from Model agencies and Fitness Model agencies?

Differences between model agency and fitness model agency

From the appearance and look one would assume of course first of all that it would be profitable to go into a pure fitness model agency. But, remember, the big modeling agencies represent all jobs, from high fashion and haute couture to advertising and of course all segments from nutrition to real estate and sports. Your primary goal should always be to get into a modeling agency before you go into my specialized agency.

Manifold jobs from photo shooting to fitness fair

From photo shoots for online shops or for Instagram to participation in trade fairs as a fitness sport model, there are many ways open to you.