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Model agency commercial – Commercial means “commercial” and thus “selling”. Conversely, we are in advertising and everything that has to do with advertising! Commercial models can work even more diverse than high fashion models. Why, you can learn it here!

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Commercial models in advertising

Commercial recordings are advertising because they arouse a certain feeling in the customer through certain expressions, e.g. joy, love or passion and thus desire it. Desire for a product, a service or even affiliation, e.g. with communities.

So if you are booked as a model for commercial photography, you have to be able to do more than just look good. Here it is about emotions, facial expressions and expressions that transport exact feelings, at the push of a button, with every photo or video sequence. There are not only the classical emotions you know from the television from casting shows, like sexy or sweet, of course there are also much more sophisticated sets, e.g. family shootings. You interact together with your life partner, the small child and on top the family dog comes. While you throw a ball to the child, all persons should laugh and look over the camera. Do you know how difficult it is to capture this situation perfectly? That’s why you need absolute professionals for commercial shots!

Laughing at the push of a button is not so easy

Anyone who thinks that laughing at the push of a button is so easy or, for example, playing an intimate situation between partners in front of a team of ten, like the first kiss, requires a lot of practice and experience or a professional model coaching. However, if the production time is only half a day and all team members have been optioned for that day, each shot must be perfect. That’s why modeling is so much more than just looking beautiful, it’s about arousing emotions, that’s why you have to be very communicative but also social, because you have to be able to transfer into others and know their needs in order to get exactly what the customer booking needs for the campaign.

Who builds up such a good reputation in the modelagency, in addition, with customers, gets regular consequence reservations. In particular in the advertisement, that can happen quite frequently, e.g. if one recruits for a larger mark, which takes up constantly new products in the Portfolio.

Emotions at photo shootings

So that you can see how multifaceted emotions can be, here is a short overview of the different emotions that you as a model must master and that with different looks, sets and situations:

  • Fear
  • Averse
  • Unawareness
  • Aggressivity
  • Concern
  • Thirsty
  • Confusion
  • Shake
  • Excites
  • Nerves
  • Hectic
  • Hopeful
  • Love
  • Sleepy
  • Surprised
  • Overwhelmed
  • Crazy
  • Fury

More character than fashion

While fashion consists of novelty and permanent change, hence the term trend, it constantly needs a new look. In order to constantly create a new look, you need constantly changing designs, colors, fabrics, patterns and models. In order for fashion to focus absolutely on the collections, models are changed more frequently so that the same face is not always visible. With funny models it’s a bit different, if the customer likes a person, she’s booked a lot more often. Here you are again at recurring episodes bookings, an important indicator for you as a model. Because here you can see that your model agency likes to work with you and the customers are satisfied.

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Application for commercial model

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