Things A Model Has To Do While His/Her Trip In New York City

If you are planning to visit New York for your model job, there always seems to be a list of obligatory attractions you must see before leaving. We have provided numerous routes to enjoy your stay in New York, so we will not tell you that this list falls into the category of “necessity.” However, there are still numerous sites to see that are iconic and comprise what many would consider the “authentic New York vacation.”falls into the category of “necessity.” However, there are still numerous sites to see that are iconic and comprise what many would consider the “authentic New York vacation.”

Between model casting and jobs – Enjoy your time in beautiful New York

You should feel free to do whatever you want while you are in the Big Apple, but if you are looking for ideas and would really like to see the sites that everyone gushes about, then this list is for you. Avail your time in New York City and enjoy the time in this great place.

After a long model casting – Go for a walk in the Central Park

In the sprawling concrete jungle that is New York, Central Park stands out like an oasis in a manufactured jungle. Surrounded on all sides by climbing skyscrapers, this relatively small respite of nature offers a picturesque retreat amidst the bustling chaos of one of the world’s largest metropolises. Despite the bad rap this park had gotten a couple decades ago, Giuliani had truly made it a welcoming and safe space to take the family once again.

Today, Central Park is a hub of activity with numerous event taking place within its verdant borders every day. A special note should be made to those of you who are bird-watchers as Central Park is known to lure numerous species of woodland birds can be found within its boundaries during the spring or fall.
If you are more interested in the spontaneous approach, there are numerous types of tours, whether it be walking, bike riding, horse and buggy, or pedicab, to show you all of the interesting nooks and crannies.

Brooklyn Bridge – Take some photos for your model Instagram account!

The Brooklyn Bridge is a quintessential landmark of New York. Thousands of people walk across it daily—and not just tourists either. It is actually one of the few tourist attractions that is also heavily frequented by the locals as well, due to it being functional as well as iconic and aesthetically captivating. Completed in 1883, it can boast being the first steel suspension bridge ever built.
Keep in mind, if you do decide to visit the bridge, you must walk. All bus and carriage tours are banned from even riding across the bridge. Still, the trip can be worth it, as it offers you some of the best views of the cityscape. Keep in mind, however, that there almost always will be a veritable throng of people on it—many of whom will work together to create a garden of selfie sticks. Still, if you are unconcerned by large crowds and potential obnoxious tourists, the Brooklyn Bridge is a delightful stop for a New York vacation.

Fifth Avenue – Are you a fashion lover? Shopping!

If you are a verifiable shopaholic, you owe it to yourself to bring along some spending money and to stop by Fifth Avenue for a couple hours—or a day. Some of the highest end retail outlets offering the most luxurious and exclusive brands line the avenue on either side. It is also a great location to spot a celebrity of two who often frequent the stores located here to score some of the hottest fashion trends. Of course, if you do see a celebrity, remember to be polite. Say “hi,” maybe ask for a photograph or autograph, and move along. They are people too—on their time off, no less—and you will certainly out yourself as a course and ignorant tourist in the process.

Still, whether you are in the market for jewelry, designer clothes, or various accouterments, few places can rival the sheer plethora of options available along Fifth Avenue. Moreover, If you get a bit puckish during your shopping spree, there are numerous restaurants of the highest quality to cater to all of your fine dining needs.

Grand Central Terminal – As an international model you have to see!

Built by Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1871, Grand Central Terminal remains the crown jewel of the New York public transportation system. Despite how many refer to it, the proper name is Grand Central Terminal, not Grand Central Station. If you say Grand Central Station instead of Grand Central Terminal, the locals will immediately identify you as a tourist. Still, this structure is a shining testament to the opulence and grandeur of a bygone era. The terminal is decked out with luxurious marble floors while the vaulted ceilings rise to a herringbone pattern that mystifies as much as it inspires awe. Do not forget to check out the Whispering Gallery where you can stand in special locations and whisper to each other across the Terminal as though you were standing right next to the person.

Of course, the Terminal is a lot more than just eye-candy and a marvel of functional engineering. The terminal also boasts fine dining, excellent shopping, and a never ending calendar of special events.

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