How To Save Money On Your New York Model Trip

Do you have some days without castings and jobs in New York? But you just started your international model career and so you want to save some money?

A New York Trip For Money Saving Models

There is no way getting around the fact that New York city can be prohibitively expensive. As one of the most expensive places to live, it is even more expensive to visit–unless you plan ahead of time. If you go to New York with the intent of viewing all the popular and iconic destinations without planning ahead of time, you can expect to spend a pretty penny. However, if you are smart and choose the time and locations of your visit wisely, you can save a great deal of money while also enjoying a truly memorable experience.

Sites – Things a model has to see before leaving the big apple

When visiting New York, chances are, you have a limited amount of time to work with. In this instance, you will want to scout out the areas with the sites and attractions that are “must sees.” With a city so large, many of the best landmarks are grouped together, but those groups can be spread across the municipal boundaries. Figure out what sites are near each other and choose a region to explore for the day. This will save on travel expenses and allow you to enjoy more of what New York has to offer. Also, do not be afraid to skip the tourist traps and hit the local neighborhoods directly.

Attractions – Clever models save money with coupons

Do not be afraid of coupons. They are your friend. It may feel a bit tacky to pull out a coupon, but your bank account will thank you for the fifty percent discount. Groupon can be an excellent way of upgraded your vacation from a nice visit to a spectacular journey. Of course, this means you will have to keep an eye out for the daily deals and check often. Also, the timing of events or attraction can have a huge impact on the cost. There are numerous sites and exhibits that have reduced rates after peak hours. Moreover, if you plan your vacation appropriately, there are often numerous events occurring that are free of charge–especially in or around the parks and some heavily trafficked historical sites. If you know that you intend to see many of the more popular and well-known sites, like the Empire State Building or other locations that billed as “must see,” it can also be an excellent idea to obtain a tourist pass which provides entry into numerous New York attractions.

Shows and Entertainment – Be exceptionally the person who gets entertained

If you plan effectively, you can often find free concerts, readings and art exhibits throughout New York. Unfortunately, this can be somewhat difficult as they are often sporadic in nature and disclosed shortly before the event. Still, the New York Magazine offers an event search to assist you.

For Broadway shows specifically, there are a couple ways of getting great deals. First, if the show is not sold out, the theater will often sell the remaining tickets at heavily discounted prices. Keep in mind, you will have a more limited choice of seating. However, there are also numerous websites which offer discounted tickets. Depending on how long you plan to stay and how many shows you would like to see, an Audience Extra’s Broadway membership may be worthwhile. This will provide last-minute tickets that have not already sold with just the cost of a small service charge.


Transportation – Models have to be professionally mobile

If you are using your own vehicle for travel, there are a couple of tips that can pay dividends in savings over the long run. One of the biggest costs extra of driving in New York can be parking. To avoid the cost of onerous parking lots, research the parking available near the locations you plan to visit. Of course, you can just as easily ditch your personal car altogether and take the subway or Uber. If you plan to be in New York or longer, consider getting a subway pass that will allow you to ride the subway an unlimited number of times. Considering how broad of a stretch the subway runs to, it can be a sound investment.

Of course, whatever method you choose for traveling long distances in New York, you will inevitably have to walk or bike. However, this is often not too terribly difficult, and the city has made biking easier than in most other American metropolises. Also, walking allows you to see more of the city, up close, and on your own schedule–as opposed to a tour bus.

Meals – Even fashion models have to eat!

If you want to find good, cheap food, find the people who want to eat good food but simply do not have the expendable cash to splurge on fine dining. Generally, the most reliable demographic for this will be younger people. Try and find out where the students like to eat. They will generally have a somewhat more refined palate and a lack of disposable income.

Also, the various ethnic neighborhoods within New York can be a great way to find some of the best food available for the same relative price you would pay at home. As an added bonus, it is often prepared in a more authentic fashion, allowing you to truly experience a broader range of flavor. While you should probably avoid food carts, which can be somewhat of a gamble, food trucks can often provide some of the most delectable dishes New York has to offer. Of course, this will definitely require a fair amount of planning ahead of time, as food trucks are less likely to be publicized outside of their local area.

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