Model Lea in America – Working and Living in New York & Miami

America – the dream of many, especially models. Lea made it: She got to know modeling in the USA.

“The American Dream” – Lea got to know him

We talked to her and she told us beautiful and exciting details of her journey.

Why did you go to America?

“That was totally spontaneous. I decided to fly to the USA just two days before the trip. It has always been a dream of mine to see America. When winter really started and everything got stressful, I decided to visit friends in Miami.”

How long were you there?

“The plan was a three-week vacation. “In the end, it was six months.”

Where were you in the USA?

“I stayed in Miami for the first four months. Then I went to Chicago and spent the last two months in New York.”
The modeling in NY & Miami

Where did you live?

“In Miami I lived in a model house and in New York with friends I met during my stay there.”

What kind of jobs did you do?

“Very different. Starting with catalogue jobs, online stuff and editorial.”

What was your best experience in Miami or New York?

“The whole trip, actually. I met so many great new people from all over the world. That was the best part.”

How is the model market in America?

“It’s not really hard to get a foothold in Miami. It doesn’t matter if you are New Face or already professional. All agencies get the same castings, which means everyone has the same chance as a model, regardless of the agency you are in. It’s different in New York. The Modelling Agency plays an important role here. “The better your agency, the better your chances of getting a good job.”

Thank you Lea, for the great interview!

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