Models NY: Things you need to know before you go to New York

New York is an unusual city. Its personality and culture is unlike anything anywhere else in the world. Moreover, it is so large and diverse that there are numerous “pocket cultures” embedded within its general milieu. As such, if you intend to visit New York, it is advised that you educate yourself a bit — lest you find yourself overwhelmed and confused about the expected etiquette and social mores. Whether you are moving there or just visiting, there are a few things you should know before going.

1. Be Prepared for the Journey

Getting to New York is only half of the journey. Once you get there, you will be amazed at how long it takes you to get from one part of the city to another. In fairness, this can be an issue for most metropolises and understanding how the flow of traffic functions can help, but when it comes right down to it, you will spend a great deal of time simply travelling from one point in the city to another.

Learning about the public transportation system works, one of the best in the world by the way, ahead of time can help speed things along. Also, do not be afraid to take the “left-right express”—walking. The Subway and train systems can help you get from one side of the city to the next, but once you get to your regional stop, you will still likely have blocks to travel. Make sure that you have on comfortable shoes and are carrying some water. If you need to carry a large number of items, make sure to use an accessory that you hold. New York is often cramped, and space is at a premium. No one will appreciate you taking up a person-sized space just to lug around whatever it is you will need for the day.

2. The Weather is Unpredictable

New York is one of those places where it might be blisteringly hot one day and chilly enough for sleeves the next. Keep this in mind as you pack. If you are coming from a warm climate, it might be a good idea to spring from some cool or cold weather clothing, depending on when you plan to visit. If you are moving, you will definitely want to ensure you have the appropriate clothes for a winter storm—just in case.

Also, you will want to stay abreast of the local weather conditions. They can change rapidly and without warning. If there is a chance of rain, bring a compact umbrella. Unless it is early day in the summer time, wear something with sleeves. You can always take a layer of clothing off, but you will kick yourself if you need a jacket and lack one.

3. You Will Have Sticker Shock

When people complain about how expensive it is to live in New York, they are not exaggerating. New York has the highest cost of living rate in the United States and is number seven in the world. Unless you are from a similarly pricey metropolis, you will likely not be prepared for how much more expensive even simple goods can be. If you are looking to purchase a consumable luxury, like alcohol or tobacco, you may very well quit on the spot.

For those planning on making a move, the cost of living will be even more difficult with which to cope. New York has over eight million people living on top of one another, hence the name “the city that never sleeps.” Unfortunately, that means there is rarely enough living space to go around for all of the people that with to do so. This increase in demand necessarily drives up the price. Whatever square footage you are accustomed to outside of densely packed areas will likely cost at least double in New York, more depending on the location within the city itself.

4. It is Glitzy and Glamorous and Disgusting

New York is one of the mainstays for high-fashion as well as television production. As such, it is not an uncommon occurrence to run into a famous person, whether from film, television, or music. This is not really seen as a big deal, and you should remember to behave if this happens. A polite introduction and potentially an autograph or picture is the most you can politely request. Moreover, you will see breathtakingly beautiful people as well as fabulously dressed individuals all the time. Again, despite being a major tourist attraction, this is home to eight million people. Respect it as such.

Of course, there is always the underbelly of anything. There is no way getting around it; New York often smells, and it smells really bad. This makes sense considering how many people live and work there, but if all you know is what you have seen in media, you will likely not be prepared for the olfactory bouquet that can accompany the city. Also, while not necessarily as omnipresent as it is sometimes made out to be, there are a fair number of homeless people. However, rarely do they cause problems. If you leave them alone, they will generally leave you alone in turn.

5. Things NOT to do in New York

Now you now everything for you as model in New York. If you travel, read this article about all Things NOT to do in New York.

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