Fashion Week Shanghai: Spring / Summer 2021 – The Best Shows & Designers

Fashion Week Shanghai: Spring/Summer Fashion – The metropolis Shanghai wins in things fashion, ever more at meaning. The Fashion Week took place in the Xintiandi Show Space. The motto: “The Future Is Now”, it’s time to let the new generation in. The Chinese metropolis is ahead of the times in many respects and also has a knack for unusual and cutting-edge creations when it comes to street style. The street style looks this year were dominated by a rather restrained colour palette and recurring elements in many outfits – lots of black and muted tones were one of the common features picked up by visitors. Chinese fashion designers are becoming more confident in their use of Chinese design elements.

Shanghai city

Shanghai is the largest city in China and a true fashion metropolis. The unique mix of an impressive skyline and the traditional Chinese gardens results in an incomparable culture that are a unique experience. Therefore, Shanghai is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Here you have an overview of Shanghai:

Highlights in Shanghai

Here you can find the best shows at Shanghai Fashion Week, from famous designers like Angel Chen or Fendi Couture.

Angel Chen


Fendi couture


Have you heard of it?

One designer you absolutely have to see is OqLiq.


Shanghai: All dates at a glance

On the international fashion map, Shanghai Fashion Week positions itself as a stage where labels redefine what “Made in China” could mean. Since its inception in 2003, Shanghai Fashion Week has become an attractive fashion destination alongside Milan, Paris and New York by promoting Chinese designers who have the potential to conquer the world. Western luxury brands, such as Chanel and Prada, continue to use the event as a gateway to what will soon be the world’s largest fashion market and to gain a foothold with the growing Chinese middle class. In this article you will get all the important dates and further information about the shows and fashion weeks in Shanghai.