Things NOT to do in New York if you travel as model

Overcrowded, overrated, 100% touristic: This week, we take a look at all things you should NOT do as a model in New York! No matter if you go for New York Fashion Week or just for holidays. If you go to New York for shootings, campaigns or shows, you have to save time, time is money. New York is place that has so much to offer that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Even for people who have lived in the Big Apple their whole life, it can seem like they have just scratched the surface. This factor is never more important than when you are in New York just to visit or on vacation. With so much to do, you should have no trouble finding numerous ways to fill your days with fun and exciting experiences. However, with limited time—and often limited funds—it can be difficult to determine ahead of time which things are worth saving a spot on your itinerary for and which are not. That is why we have put together a list of things NOT to do in New York!

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1. Do Not Simply Visit Manhattan

Sure, this is the iconic borough that everyone has seen in movies and hear in songs, but New York is so much more than a single borough. Granted, Manhattan has an over-abundance of sights to see, but it is also a huge tourist trap. Maybe at one time, Manhattan was able to provide visitors that authentic New York experience, but these days, it is more visitors and less New York. This is not to imply there is nothing authentically New York in Manhattan, but if you are visiting New York and spend most of your time in Manhattan, chances are that you are missing out on so much more that the city has to offer.

First, Time’s Square is overrated.

There, we said it. It is constantly filled to the brim with other tourists who are all there for more or less the same reason: to see the places from their favorite films and television shows and to be able to say they went to Time’s Square. Native New Yorkers avoid this place like the Plague.

Also, while SoHo and Midtown are known for their shopping and fine dining experiences, there are generally the same stores that you would find in any other metropolis and most in any mid-sized city mall. However, because you are shopping in one of the wealthier districts in the nation, you have the honor of paying far more for the same shirt at Macy’s in Manhattan than you would pretty much anywhere else.

Finally Broadway, it is not like the other parts of this entry. Broadway is a legitimately worthwhile experience. If you get a chance to see an amazing show—assuming you can get tickets—you definitely should. However, this does not mean that you have to see every show on the strip or that the only shows you can see are Broadway shows. Pick the one you are most interested in, and sample the rest of the city. You will not be disappointed.

2. Do Not Use the Tourist forms of Travel

This one may be a bit more difficult to identify, but once you get the idea, it will be immediately recognizable. There are nearly as many ways to get around New York as there are places to visit. However, some of them are more expensive, slower, or catering to a superficial experience of New York. It might seem convenient or fun to use these modes of transportation, but your wallet and sense of accomplishment will thank you for avoiding them.

Taxis: New Yorkers hardly take taxis anymore.

The checkered yellow cabs are generally seen as a last-ditch effort when Uber surge pricing hits double and triple charges. Moreover, taxis also often come with a host of other issues. First, the drivers do not have the incentive of an immediate feedback system to ensure that you have the best transportation experience. Moreover, despite how it would seem, many taxi drivers are not familiar with a wealth of the city. Often, most of their pickups and drop-offs center around a dozen mile radius. Also, they are generally more expensive.

Tours: It might seem convenient to take a tour bus or Circle Line boat ride

… but trust us, it is not worth the money or time. The tour buses themselves are only acceptable if you do not want to see any but the most obvious and well-known sights and only for a moment. Of course, if you do spend all of that time in Manhattan, surely you would want to walk around. Likewise, the Circle Line boat may conjure up iconic images, but you can see just as amazing sights of the skyline by taking any number of other boats—of which New York has plenty

Do Not Visit Cliché Sights and Pick Your Food Wisely

Sights to Avoid – Two places that seem to draw tourists in like bees to honey are the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. The former’s most unique quality is its gravitas. Unless you just have “a thing” with the Empire State Building, you can accomplish similar sights for a fraction of a headache. The latter, the Statue of Liberty, is a sight best seen from a distance. Up close, it is far too large to really take in, not to mention on 300 people are allowed to enter it a day and tickets sell out months in advance.

Foods to Avoid: Do not eat from street cars!

Note that streetcars are not the same thing as food trucks. Generally, streetcars are the little stands with wheels that a proprietor pushes to a part of the sidewalk and sells, hot dogs, pretzels, bagels, and the like. This food will not taste the best and the beasts can be of dubious safety. Also, if you can find the restaurant in your hometown, skip it while you are in New York. Why would you travel to New York on your vacation, just to eat at Chili’s?

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