Steps to Becoming a Model in a Big Market like New York

In our last article Become a Model in New York – Big vs Small Market you learn the advantages and disadvantages of a big market like New York. After some thought, you decide that modeling could be an easy way to make some extra money on the side, and who knows, maybe you get lucky and can turn it into a full-time job or even a career. Now we take a look at your main steps!

Step by Step: Becoming a Model in a Big Market

1. Evaluation

Find someone who can provide a critical judgment about your qualifications. No matter if you work as runway model for New York Fashion Week or as commercial model It does no good for a sycophant to tell you that you will obviously be able to model in New York because of how well-proportioned you are in Minneapolis. It may sting a little bit, but it is much better to learn that you are not right for modeling in a big market before you end your lease, sell your furniture, and move to the Big Apple. It also helps to be evaluated by professionals in different niches of the modeling industry. You may not be a good fit for fashion modeling in New York, but you may still have a good shot with commercial or glamor modeling. If those fallbacks are acceptable to you, it may still be a worthwhile decision.

2. Get Exposed

This may not be what you think. Getting exposure in this sense neither includes general working credits or more risqué types. Instead, you need to make a concerted effort to develop contacts with modeling agencies and other prospective clients before you ever buy your ticket. Get your shots out to everyone you can. Email is easy, but can be ineffective. It is so easy for people to email their shots that an agency’s mailbox will often fill-up before the day’s end. Mailing is more effective but also more costly. Attending modeling conventions can be an excellent way to invest a little bit of money that can pay dividends with a broad and vast social and political network.

Step to Avoid! Take care of you as model + don’t waste your money

1. Expensive Photoshoots

As a model, it is your job to essentially transform into what each job requires. This means you need to display a chimeric quality that allows the adoption of various motifs. If you spend a great deal of money creating numerous example shots, you essentially prevent prospective employers from seeing if you can fit their needs since they do not know what your base appearance is. Simple shots that are clear and in focus with little makeup, simple clothes, and ordinary hairstyles are best.

2. Modeling Schools

When it comes right down to it, modeling is an image-based industry. As such, it is far more important that you have the specific “look” a prospective employer seeks than anything else. Modeling schools can help teach you poise and how to properly interview, but in the end, you are either who they want or not. Everything else can be massaged.

Take care about your young career, as model in New York.

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