International Model Career – Traveling To And In New York

While it is entirely possible to travel to New York on a whim without preparation, it is ill-advised. First, simply getting to New York can be a nightmare if you are not careful. Granted, the general trip itself will mostly be uneventful, but once you arrive, it can get messy—fast. Then, once you are actually in New York, you have to figure out how to get around. With over six thousand miles of road in New York, you will probably want to know how you are going to get from point A to point B within the city limits ahead of time. This consideration is made further more complicated by New York offering a bevy of transportation options, better or worse depending on what you require.

Many first impressions for a model: Getting to New York

Unless you are driving there yourself, most people choose to fly to New York into one of its airports—whether it is LaGuardia, John J. Kennedy International, or a Newark Liberty International. Of course, the main problem with this approach is that everyone else is thinking the same thing. If you fly in to LaGuardia, you are going to have fight the people inside and the traffic outside. That is why, if you are flying, it might not be a bad idea to actually arrive in an airport outside of New York. If you can, getting a flight that arrives in the relatively nearby Westchester County Airport or the Lehigh International Airport and taking a train into the City proper can help you avoid the stress of the rush and chaos that some of the larger, more popular airports will suffer. Of course, this largely depends on your budget and time constraints, but it can make a difficult journey a little bit easier.


If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere ? Getting around in New York

Making it the Big Apple is only half the battle. Once you make it to the city, you still have to figure out how you are going to travel while there. Keep in mind, unlike some other cities, New York has a multitude of options. Whereas smaller cities may only have a bus line or a heavily limited train service, New York boasts one of the largest public transportation systems in the world. Of course, there are still a multitude of private transportation systems that work as well, though some are a bit niche and restricted based on location. Finally, there is always walking, of which you will probably want to do some of, if for no other reason than to see the sites the city has to offer up close and on your own schedule.

Models – From Casting, to job, to bed – Always on the run with public transportation

This is one of the crown jewels of New York and civil engineering in general. Over five million people ride the New York subway every day. That means more than half of the city’s population takes the subway. Now, if you are feeling a bit squeamish about riding with the city’s denizens, consider this: the New York public transportation system is so good that most of the people living there use it. If that does not convince you, it also takes you to most of the locations people visiting generally frequent. The other readily available option, in regards to public transportation, is the bus system. Now while we are not necessarily against using the bus system, it is less than ideal for a vacation or short trip where time is often of the essence. Unfortunately, while there are numerous buses, lines, and stops, there will be no getting around how often the bus is forced to stop. This coupled with the potential maneuverability limitation makes buses a method of transportation to avoid.

Suddenly receive a model casting oppointment? Private Transportation

Of course, there are private bus services, specifically tour buses, which may interest you. These buses have special routes that only go to certain stops, so you will definitely want to make sure you know exactly where it goes and how long the tour takes before riding it. However, if the tour hits numerous locations along your itinerary, it may be a worthwhile as it knows the routes and you do not have to make any decisions once aboard. The other popular private transport are taxis, or at least, they were. However, with the rise of ride-sharing services like Uber, taxis are quickly becoming extinct. In fairness, it is somewhat difficult for the taxi services to compete with Uber. Uber does not have to cover insurance, maintenance, or go through the same onerous process of obtaining permits. Moreover, the drivers are rated continuously, so they have to provide excellent service. While this may see the decline of the iconic taxi service, it does provide an excellent mode of transportation for someone visiting the city.

Hoofing It – Your model fitness

This needs to be mentioned, because it will almost certainly be required at one point or another. Regardless of the reach of both public and private transportation in New York, numerous sites are either unreachable without walking or are so close to one another that walking is the most convenient method. For this reason, you should almost certainly bring a comfortable pair of shoes. Yes, ensure you have your nice shoes for going out in the evening, but wear comfortable ones during the day. Your feet will thank you.

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